Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was thinking a bit about talismans this morning. About how certain posessions of mine seem to hold special energies that I like to draw upon when I feel that I need a little extra power in a particular area of my life. I was musing about the little ritual of selecting the right talisman for the right occasion, and wondering what it all meant. Maybe, I thought, I'm just superstitious.

But today's task got me thinking. What if my talismans represent something else? What if they reflect the special qualities in myself that I draw upon in anticipation of challenging situations? What if they reveal deeper values?

So, without thinking about it too much, I gathered up a few things from my study/studio this morning and piled them on the bed. All I had in mind when I gathered them was: things that make me happy. Here is what I found:

The journals are my private space for scribbling wildly and trying to make sense of messy emotions and tangled ideas. I think these represent my desire to understand, to think through, and to grow into a better version of myself. I always write in my journal with a special pen, which is my way of honouring the importance of the work I do there.

The permission cards are always accompanied by the declaration, "I give myself permission to...". (Note that today's random selection was investigate, which is somehow perfect!) These represent my willingness to surrender control, to be open to chance and coincidence, and they also affirm my faith in the power of words to direct my consciousness to where it needs to go.

The Superhero necklace needs no explanation. I wear it when I am know that the day ahead is going to require me to be strong, whole and fully myself. Although I know the beads are infused with love and considerable skill, I think their power is in helping me to draw on my inner strength and to signal that strength to the outside world.

The canteen I had to stop and wonder about. Of course, keeping hydrated is important for anyone to get the most out of their day! I have to say that the beautifully rendered graphics and the sweet quirky words remind me of the kind of art I'd like to make, not only because of the wonderful collage techniques but because they also convey a sense of cheekiness and joie de vivre.

My outrageous orange sunglasses add a splash of colour to my every day. Even when they clash with whatever else I'm wearing. Especially when they clash with whatever else I'm wearing! In this sense they are a contradiction, in that they are something to hide behind but they are also a way of drawing attention.

Last but by no means least, my sweet husband. Caputred dreaming in a sparkly snow-dome, this sweet man is my soulmate, my rock and the greatest gift I ever gave myself. He embodies love.

On first glance, this little gathering of things looks like just that: evidence that I like to gather things! I sometimes wonder if it also represents my desire to connect or associate with the creator, as it by purchasing their art, their talent and success will rub off on me. Ha! I see these things as talismans, as imbued with qualities that make me recognise how lucky I am. They represent my desire for self-knowledge and relentless quest for self-improvement. They remind me that I am open, that I am strong, that I have creative talents. They reveal me as a closet introvert. They also call me out to play and remind me how much I revel in cheekiness and laughter. And, most importantly of all, they remind me that I love and am loved.

[I'm curious that my iPod and mobile phone didn't make it into the little group! I would have said that music and connection with others are vital parts of who I am. But clearly there were more important investigations for me to pursue today...]


  1. i love this! i'm a BIG fan of talismans and touchstones so i just love to see the collection of your treasured items and read why they mean so much to you =-)

    you know, sometimes i like to buy beautiful things with the hopes that the skills/talent of the artist who created it will rub off on me too!! but then i remember that what i create has my own personal stamp on it and that we all have our own special stamp to offer =-)

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  3. Thank-you so much for making a connection with me today. Your sweet comment, it's my first blog so i'm trying to design it from my heart and learning new things along the way.

    I drempt of releasing all this amazing energy from my heart into the hearts of others out there, it's hard to explain but you know where i'm headed through my 2010 words-It says it all.

    Talismans are fantastic source of energy, i so wish i came across your blog last year, you remind me of someone, for a moment........... i had to close my eyes and capture their energy.

    I'm glad to have came across you, my spiritual strength increases every day through people like you, and the simple things in our life.

  4. You really got me thinking. I might have to do a post about talismans soon.

  5. i second that idea, Tinniegirl! this has been a an inspiring post =-)

  6. I like how you grabbed things without thinking too much about the why!