Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Comfort list, today

When my pal Gill forwarded me a link to Katherine Center's comfort list today, she was right on the money. Living your dream life, the life where you feel so blessed, being able to do things you love every day, is not without its blemishes.

I'm presently feeling unhinged, flying off the handle and/or wanting to cry at the most random moments. That fact that it's somewhat reminiscent of (though nowhere as extreme as) when my little 'un was born, tells me that it's time to visit my Chinese Medicine dude for some balance and restoration.

But, in the meantime, this is what gave me comfort today:

* golden autumn leaves, illuminating my path
* my little 'un stamping her feet, laughing, and clapping at her first live concert
* a crisp sunny morning, reminding me of New York
* being offered a seat on the tram and accepting it
* the theatrical pretend snoring noises my little 'un makes to tell me she's ready for sleep
* delightful packages arriving in the mail
* my little 'un conducting a phone conversation on my (switched off) mobile
* hot chocolate made with Belgian cocoa
* hydronic heating kicking in in the late afternoon
* finishing a work task (for my day job) and emailing it off
* spangly black crochet fingerless gloves
* my little 'un singing "book-a book-a book-a" to the tune of Dr Knickerbocker
* clean pyjamas and newly-washed fluffy bathrobe
* Patti Smith's homage to Robert Mapplethorpe Just Kids (I can't put it down)
* a big hug from my husband
* the smell of dinner cooking and a glass of Nero D'avola merlot

So much is buzzing around overpopulated metropolis between my synapses... it's been blissful to stop and honour the senses... reminding me of all that is good in my world.

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  1. Glad it hit the spot :)

    My comfort list is including:
    - being under my favourite wooly blanket with a happy, purring cat.
    - loosing my sense of time at the local library
    - Laughing at the out-dated and outrageously sexist, "Doctor in the House" books (from the early 1950's) and taking comfort in how my mum always enjoyed them.

    Hope you have a good day.