Sunday, June 13, 2010

New beginnings

Three weeks sugar free
has come to an end, so how
should I celebrate?

Understanding how
moderation works. This is
very new for me.

Just read Diet Girl,
so much I could relate to.
Path forward is clear.

Shopping yesterday.
A knit, a shirt, a pair of
jeans. Sized for comfort.

My sweet sister says,
"You look lovely! A great choice!"
She is such a gem.

But she's honest too.
Helped me steer away from things
that don't flatter me.

Lost weight in three weeks,
skin is clear. Makes me fear how
vile I looked before.

Wearing my new skirt.
Husband says, "Nice stout fabric!
Warm for Winter." Ha!

He's sweet, makes me laugh.
Feeling loved and supported.
Not in this alone.

Growing into a
new life where freedom is mine.
Freedom to choose love.


  1. Wow. That's a long time. I'm impressed. I've never tried it. I did no refined sugar once, but I had a jar of agave nectar that was used quite often.

    I really like your use of haiku in combination. It's beautifully written.

  2. congrats!! that is a huge achievement!

  3. congratulations on your sugar free achievement!

    the last haiku is fabulous and should have some artwork created around it - i'm loving your haikus! =-)