Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In case you're thinking it's all magic and mojitos

At least ten things that gave me the shits today:

1) The eye infection I've caught from the little 'un.

2) The little 'un thinking it's really funny to go "Boink!" and head-butt me in the nose every time I pick her up.

3) Period cramps.

4) My husband being indecisive and/or indisposed to communicating clearly.

5) Having to stop and dish out slices of apple every five effing seconds.

6) Feeling fat and frumpy in the heat and humidity.

7) The fuckers upstairs making A LOT of noise, all hours of the day.

8) Obsession that my little 'un is not getting enough calcium.

9) A friend's sook via email and its implied criticism.

10) My Mum's sook via SMS about how much she misses the little 'un.

11) My husband's sook about his blocked sinuses.

12) All of my tedious sooking when I'm on bloody holiday and am supposed to be flipping enjoying myself.

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