Thursday, September 16, 2010

When we first arrived

We stood in the queue
for a taxi and I thought
"Oh no! Why did we

get the old banger
with no A.C. and crappy
uncomfortable seats?

Our luggage won't fit!"

But sure enough it did and
we were on our way.

And as we sat in
a traffic jam, the cool air
started flowing in.

And once we'd squeezed through
the single lane of rubber
neckers, we began

to fly high over
bridges, deep under tunnels,
and soon we arrived.

Driver patiently
waiting through our long detour
to borrow a cot.

Suddenly I was
so grateful for his silence,
his lilac turban,

his not switching on
the meter... that I tipped him
some thirty per cent!

We'd arrived safely,
if somewhat ragged, but open
to learning what our

journey had to teach.
Sometimes the old banger will
be just what you need.

PS The caption for this photo is "Talk about mixed signals!" Ha ha! Get it? [Stop groaning.]

1 comment:

  1. So symbolic of how you were feeling/thinking when you got there vs where you are now. Loves!