Monday, October 25, 2010

Staying present?

Or hyper-sensitive? Questioning everything, looking for meaning everywhere

[It gets exhausting.]


  1. I agree. It does get so exhausting trying to keep up with all of those who find meaning everywhere. Who are forever in the present moment. Who have the perfect life. The perfect house. The perfect everything. Lots of perfect completed projects and a huge circle of friends who call and send gifts and cards. Women who are always leaping fearlessly into the unknown. Women who are always happy no matter what. Women who never get lost.
    Believe me, I know this. The truth is that we can only do what we can realistically do today. The truth is that those women are living a complete lie. No one has the perfect life!
    Comparing ourselves to everyone else kills us inside. It kills our spirit.
    Folks say that we should steer clear of "toxic" people. I agree. But I also think we might want to limit our contact with those who might be a little too perfect in every way when we feel vulnerable and filled with self doubt.
    Be kind to yourself.

  2. after re-reading my comment here, I realize that these are words that I'd like to hear myself!
    So, I am going to pretend someone said them to me today.... : )