Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little ritual for letting go

Wrote out all the things
I felt were holding me back
and keeping me small.

Chose to release them
with air and fire and incense
(gift from Mum from Greece).

My patron saint bore
witness to this ritual

Deep-seated, long-held
mythologies about my
self proved hard to burn.

Doused for good measure
and buried in the back yard.
A yogi stands guard.

Not sure that I feel
different or lighter but it
sure was fun to do.

With thanks to Jen Lemen for the inspiration.


  1. I did this years ago, with all of my angsty adolescent diaries, and it really helped me let go. It's a lovely ritual, I hope it helps you.

  2. I love love love this idea so much.
    I think I would like to do this as well. There are things inside of me that I have never told a single soul...and maybe this will be the way that I can release those things this way.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I did this in the fall! And it is so interesting that you had trouble burning yours because I did too! I wrote everything on a piece of paper and tore the paper into strips. Then I tried to ball each piece of paper up and throw it on the fire. The doggone ball would bounce off the burning log and come right back at me or bounce over to a non-burning section of the fireplace. I was constantly having to throw it back or fish into the fireplace to get the ball and try again. It was humorous how hard it was to say goodbye to my old stories.

  4. Believe. Believe, believe, believe, believe. Any time the mythologies come up, recall this ritual and believe even stronger. That's the only way it will work - and work it will.

  5. Love this idea. Will have to give it a try.