Monday, February 14, 2011

Just putting it out there

I need some help with this blog.

I’ve been writing for just over a year now and, in many ways, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It has been a gift, a commitment, a sacred space, a community.

But, increasingly, I feel like I am drifting. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I suspect it’s an integral part of the process, as well as the journey it is helping me to navigate.

I feel the need for a little more focus. But I am too close to it all to see where my strengths are, what makes me different, where the joy is to be had, how I could contribute more.

I need help from someone who knows about this sort of stuff. I have a couple of dilemmas that would benefit from wise counsel. (A bit of a design spruce-up wouldn’t go astray, either.)

I’m guessing that the best place to put out the call for help is here. It could be you, dear friend, who communes with me in this space. Or someone that you know.

It could be someone who does this sort of thing for a living. Or someone who has a knack for this sort of thing, or just really enjoys it.

It could be someone that I could meet for coffee and cake. Or someone far far away, with whom I’d exchange detailed and profound musings.

This someone could legitimately expect recompense for their time and energy, and this is something I’m certainly happy to explore.

This someone might drop me a line at katsawyoudancing AT gmail DOT com

I’m just putting it out there. And I have the feeling that the Universe will send me the right person at the right time.


  1. Just an observation from someone who has been blogging for over 6 years. You are at a normal, predictable part of your blog journey. The next phase is a choice - you blog for you or you blog for your perceived audience.

  2. i like what the above commenter said... :O) having blogged now since 2006 i understand the sentiment.

    are you looking for like a redo of your site though or something more?