Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making a clearing?

I have no idea
what precipitated this
high octane clean-out.

I know that this is
for what, I know not.

I'm also on the verge
of finishing the crochet
blanket that's been two

years in the making.
This activity carries
me through the limbo.

I have the feeling
Autumn will bring new untold
creative delight.

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  1. You can come and tidy my house anytime! Love the blanket and reminded me that I too have a long awaited stash of grannies waiting to be stitched together!

  2. Your blanket is beautiful. Nice and earthy and homey and cuddly.

  3. There is a true sense of promise in your post today... I look forward to seeing where it takes you!! x

  4. oooh- it is a very autumnal (love that word) blanket - lovely!

  5. What a lovely cosy room. Love the fireplace and the bookshelves. You'll be glad to finish your blanket, it would look perfect in that room!

  6. I love that brown crochet. Really fabulous. Has a 70's vibe to it. Pruxxx

  7. love the fall colors in that blanket... and how you work through your inner struggles with such grace.

  8. Oh for such a clean and tidy space!!!