Friday, July 1, 2011

Minor miracles during a long journey

1. Our little 'un sleeping soundly for seven of the thirteen hours on the first flight, then three of the six hours on the second.

2. Mostly considerate customer service from Qatar Airways.

3. Our little 'un's obsession with the "Easter egg" show in the inflight entertainment, which kept her entertained for hours.

4. My husband reaching over to hold my hand every time there was turbulence: I am a frequent flyer but a nervous one. (Actually, this wasn't miraculous, he is usually considerate like this: I just feel the need to include it here because I am so grateful for it).

5. Safe landing in Doha, despite the sandstorm.

6. Our little 'un kissing her Daddy during the long long bus ride to the plane, and saying "Don't worry Daddy, there's nothing to be scared of, it was just a bump!" as we swerved around the tarmac.

7. A relatively seamless arrival at our apartment, which was as lovely as anticipated, even though there were a couple of disappointments.

8. Our little 'un running around while we tried [in jetlagged-zombie-slow-motion] to unpack and get set up, dressing up in my husband's baseball cap and leather belt and jumping out from behind curtains declaring, "I am a circus player!"

9. The luxury of a sweet balmy breeze after Melbourne Winter.

10. Our little 'un cooperating and sleeping in a "big girl bed" (mattress on the floor), thereby obviating the need to try and hunt down a port-a-cot late on a Friday afternoon in the midst of peak tourist season.

11. We're here.

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