Sunday, July 3, 2011


* That I am much less likely to notice anything when I am disoriented and panicked * How nice it is to "live light" even though I overpacked for so many eventualities * Just how overweight and unattractive I feel, even though the locals and tourists here come in all shapes and sizes, and the full spectrum of fashion preferences * How little I know about Northern Europe and Scandinavia * Just how much difference cuddles make * How much I miss travelling, even though there are so many trials and inconveniences * How less likely it is that someone will meet your eyes and smile here * How I tend to perceive everyone else as posessing a certain freedom that somehow seems elusive to me * That I have very little desire to pick up a book and have been avoiding my journal * That I have very romantic ideas of what it means "to belong" * That the sense of orderliness that comes from washing dishes is very comforting (and I am aware of how irretrievably boring that sounds) * How extraordinary Danish design is, and how a comfortable elegant chair can be a thing of real beauty * What a relief it is when service providers are not offended by requests to communicate in English * How isolated we really are in Australia and how mobile "Europeans" can be * How rotten my sense of direction really is * That small everyday achievements (like convincing a bath-loving toddler to take a shower; like convincing a very old front door to accept a new key first go; like finding my way out and about and home without a map) do need to be acknowledged and celebrated * Just how much I expect from my little 'un but also how much of her behaviour I blame on myself that may just be things that toddlers generally do * That things usually turn out OK *

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