Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holding pattern

"Yes, I am OK," I heard myself saying, "But there is something that is really getting me down. So I'm in a holding pattern until I can work out what I can do about it."

This is where I am today: in the holding pattern. In this place, I see that there are many blessings and these are what I am going to practice gratitude for today.

1. The knowledge that all my creative projects are happily on hold, in this little cosy nest that is my study/studio... but also in my creative spirit, which may hibernate but never truly goes away. Pictured here in my creative space is a few of the things I'm working on and look forward to picking up again when I am feeling more me again: a letter-writing bonanza; my Soul Restoration life journal; a fabulously fun way of thinking through what I'd really like to do when I "grow up" (whenever that might be); and some serious soul work that has stalled due to deep excavation. For nourishment and inspiration, check out more creative spaces here!

2. A lovely impromptu family breakfast at our favourite local cafe, as my husband had a late morning meeting on the other side of town. Our little journey included the sight of several brightly coloured parrots, brightly singing to each other and happily munching on iridescent wattles. My little 'un sang out, "Have a lovely breakfast, Mister Parrot! We're going to Lauren and Tom's house!".

3. Morning tea at my sister's house, including freshly baked cupcakes with coloured sprinkles. Making plans to sew a couple of experimental dresses together, inspired by the simple patterns and gorgeous fabrics in this book.

4. I can't make it past three... but I sure am grateful for those three.


  1. Thank you for sharing your gratitude list - it reminds me to start making some lists of my own...

    And I think 3 are perfect - 3 is the magic number after all =-)

  2. holding you close in my heart, dear one.

  3. My heart melted at the "have a nice breakfast Mr Parrot" :) Your girl sounds like a beautiful child. xx

    PS: It's me, Green Ink, just in another guise :)