Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enough excitement for one day

Thinking about that rewrite
A long drive
A detour
Another detour
A long drive home
Eyedrops, again
Screaming, writhing, crying
Open parcel -- impulse purchase -- that arrived in the mail
Pretty but a but ashamed of the splurge
Watching favourite episodes of Caillou
Toasted sandwiches
Walking briskly to the park
A nervous wait
The vaccination
"It REALLY hurt me!"
The tears, the tears, the tears
The treat of apple juice
Picking up more eyedrops from the pharmacy
Call from the fence man, running late
Something to do with tyres
Neighbour says it's all about me
Supposedly joking
The nap time routine, late, emotional
So very tired
Slumped in front of the computer
Changes haven't saved
A work lunch invitation
Could care less
Work starts on the fence
If the banging wakes the little 'un...
Decide to log off
Cup of tea and book beckon
Off to a show later
Looking forward to it but energy flagging
Feeling a bit alone with this stuff
Sad about misunderstandings
Feeling vulnerable
More eyedrops this evening
Yes, sleep

1 comment:

  1. Ouch, motherhood hurts too sometimes doesn't it? I am in awe of those mothers who have to nurse their child through some awful illness, or see their child in hospital having treatment. Hope the eyes are better soon, and sleep helps. x