Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving thanks for...

1. Going to see Grey Gardens – The Musical starring Pamela Rabe on my own tonight and sticking to my plans to go straight from work rather than going home, despite not having the support or blessing of the designated babysitter.

2. A kick-ass email from my friend Yvette and her recommendation of an excellent book.

3. Finishing my manuscript and having faith that it is on its way to a publisher who is open to it, despite the ending needing a little more work.

4. Putting two social engagements that I wasn’t entirely looking forward to (though weren’t as draining as I’d been expecting) behind me this week.

5. Realising that our Christmas Tree will be delivered next week! Making plans to take my little ’un to see the Myer Christmas windows. Making lists and checking them more than twice.

6. Taking practical steps to ensure more appropriate spending levels from now on e.g. reducing my credit limit!

7. My little ‘un’s sweet patience in horrid peak hour traffic yesterday. Maybe playing calming “pyjama pop”  helped, but she's also a very good natured lass.

8. All the complements my colleagues gave me on the colour combinations in my outfit: multi-coloured skirt, purple boots, burnt orange cardie, gorgeous necklace. A bit of colour sure helps the Friday blahs.

Magpie Girl is on a break this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to give eight pieces of thanks nonetheless.

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  1. That looks like an awesome book. Wouldn't mind reading that one. Good luck with finishing the manuscript and hope that all goes well. Wishing you luck.