Sunday, February 26, 2012

Think again and keep thinking

Venus Squares Mars

You will first start to notice the effects of this transit around 23rd February 2012. You will continue to experience this influence until 25th February 2012 after which time it will rapidly diminish.

Maybe it is possible to fit a square peg into a round hole. Perhaps, if the peg is made of some malleable plastic -- or the hole is reshaped slightly, the act can be accomplished. But surely, once you start going to such extreme lengths, you are no longer dealing with a truly square peg or a genuinely round hole. 

If you can’t already see why I’m raising this issue, you will understand soon. The right angle between Venus and Mars describes a problem you sorely want to resolve yet which you simply cannot manage to settle. It’s unnerving but ultimately the secret of involves accepting that which seems so impossible. 

Not only are you worried about a financial matter, you’re keen to pursue a creative policy. There’s something you want to make, to design, to explore or to indulge.  Yet at the same time, you’re in a precarious situation. Common sense says "don’t make any kind of risky move". 

Happily, the world is not a sensible place. It rewards the brave and the sincere far more than it takes care of the cautious and the unimaginative. Don’t be too silly but do take a courageous step towards the fulfillment of a dream. As you do so, just keep asking yourself: Are you special? Are you wonderful? Is your life full of tremendous possibility? 

The answer to each preceding question needs to be an emphatic "yes". If you’re tempted to come forth with any other answer, think again and keep thinking till you begin to feel more positive. 

Don’t worry about getting a big head. In the fullness of time, various natural processes will help to restore your humility. 

Right now though, it is important and right to be strong, proud, daring, ambitious and above all else, confident. At times, under the influence of this astrological alignment, all this will be easy to feel. The keen attention of an ardent admirer will feed your ego and stoke your inner-fire. 

Yet all will not prove plain sailing in the department of the heart and at times, within a key relationship, you will feel very much like a square peg in a round hole. But ultimately, this will turn out to be more enjoyable than it sounds.

From my personal horoscope for 2011/12 written by the inimitable Jonathan Cainer. A thoroughly worthwhile investment and, at times such as this, bordering on the spooky.

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  1. WOW! Those words could also apply to things I've been dealing with lately and I'm a Scorpio! =-O

    I'll be sure to keep this transit in mind in the days to come...