Thursday, February 23, 2012

The truth in the colour

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but I am doing Ali Edwards' One Little Word program again this year. However, I am not formally enrolled in the e-course. The prompts she is offering each month during 2012 are the same as the ones she offered in 2011, albeit with a different word. So I decided just to follow along of my own accord, looking back on last year's prompts and replicating them on my own.

I know that I have mentioned many times that my word for 2012 is savour. So my task throughout February was to capture with my camera images that represented savouring to me, literally or metaphorically.

As I pasted some of my photos into my One Little Word journal on Tuesday night, I was struck by the tones that dominated the pages. A lot of greys and beiges. A bit unusual for me.

It's true to say that, on first glance, the colours did represent how I was feeling on Tuesday. Drab. Muted. Uninspired.

But something called me to revisit these pages today. Today I am feeling more myself. And today, I saw something new in these photos and the sum of their parts.

Today I saw glimpses of Autumn. I saw the colours of nature. I saw beauty that was only evident after a second glance, a complexity that required patience and commitment. I saw a quiet optimism.

I saw myself.

For more courageous colours, be sure to visit Our Creative Spaces.

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  1. I don't see very many drab colors when I look at your pages and I also spied a 'shining happy' face hidden in there =-)

    BTW: I love your new 'journey into art' slide show!!