Saturday, March 3, 2012

Savouring my Saturday

1. A really fun grown-up chai-and-macaron date with my little 'un, including a successful trip to the bathroom.

2. The weather outside matching how I feel on the inside: soft and dewy after a massive, unsettling storm.

3. Catching up with two friends individually over a glass of wine (or three). Brave conversations. Taking our friendships to a whole new level.

4. Helping out a colleague who is acting in her role and occasionally unsure of what is being asked of her. Enjoying watching her blossom.

5. Making a list that surprised me in just how closely it resembles a plan for my creative life over the next couple of years. Exciting! And achievable. I'm on my way...

6. Autumn arriving with the flick of a switch. Digging out accessories for cooler weather: hats, scarves, gloves, boots. My favourite was of celebrating my self in the outside world.

7. Krystyn Pixton's dreamy music.

8. Watching my little 'un's earnest attempts at conversation with her cousins and her friends at kindergarten. Loving her bravery and sincerity, and her earnestness in listening.

9. Courage with a blank canvas opening up a whole new world.

10. Treading water, in the midst of a strange unsettled time for my little 'un. A night of gastro, two days of fluctuating energy, surly moods, disinterest in food, underwhelmed responses to her birthday presents. The full range of emotion this evokes, magnified by sleep deprivation. But... witnessing strong teamwork emerging...

10 +1. Paris vs New York: my favourite dilemma!

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  1. You have planned your 'creative life' - I am so impressed, Kat! Sorry I'm so late to read your posts this week, lots going on for me. Settling down now. x