Monday, March 12, 2012

Some more stuff you might be happy to hear today

I saw the way you handled that tricky situation. I saw that it brought up a lot of stuff for you. I saw how you did your best, in the only way you knew how. I saw love.

Yes, you really do have a guardian angel. More than one, in fact.

I am amazed at everything you manage to squeeze in to, and out of, a day.

Yes, there is actually such a thing as an ATM that dispenses cupcakes.

Please don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes, irrational and anxious and inconsolable and unreasonable is the only way forward.

It’s only your day job. Not everyone you work with feels that way. Bully for them.

Disco nailpolish is never not a good idea.

I know how continual trip-ups, even on the smallest of things, can wear you down after a while. I am so proud of you for keeping going.

You are kind. You are clever. You are creative. You are intuitive.

Calmer times are coming.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the cupcake ATM machine! I may have to go and check this one out in person if it's in Beverly Hills =-)

    Thank you also for a beautiful post - I will keep it mind as we move through Mercury Retrograde =-\

  2. Ow wow.
    I so so so want to try out the cupcake ATM! Right now in fact! The world is a strange and amazing place and thank you so much for sharing the cupcake ATM!
    I love the nailpolish - I don't really do my fingernails - I can't keep inside the lines :( but my toenails are going that colour next! They're gold now and it always cheers me up!
    And such a love blog!