Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Worthiness Wednesday #52 A Year of Worthiness (and a giveaway!)

Has it really been a year since my first Worthiness Wednesday post? It's hard to describe everything that has happened since march last year without sounding sentimental or trite.

I feel like I am living light years away from the place I was this time last year, but I also feel that I have come full circle.

Something prompted me to have a look at my One Little Word journal for last year. The April prompt was to write a letter to myself and this is what I wrote:

Right now you are:
working so very hard on it all
trying to get your creative projects off the ground
struggling against hard truths
working on letting go
disappointed with your body weight
loving your family as best you can
kicking real goals professionally
not interested in publishing your thesis
believing in dreams
learning what trust and compassion are really all about

One year from now I hope you'll be:
well on your way to becoming a published writer
less worried about what certain people might think if they discovered your blog
in a good place with your artmaking
recognised for your worthiness work and your haiku
making exciting travel plans
having fun with it

Looking back on this list I see that I haven't ticked all the boxes but I also know that everything that happened a year ago, everything I longed for, and everything that is happening now is all just a part of who I am.

And that all feels rather supremely OK.

So in honour of this journey, of this year of working with worthiness and all the discoveries and challenges that have come with it, I would like to give away a little gift. In doing so, I would also like to share another chuckle about coming full circle.

Last time I hosted a giveaway it's fair to say it was a bit of a flop! Writing about my floppiness cheered me so much, I rewrote my blog post as a little article as sent it off to my favourite zine called Spoonful which has a fantastic column entitled Spilt Milk: a celebration of all things failure. The unbelievably gorgeous editor, Anthea, graciously replied that this particular column was booked solid for the next few issues but invited me to contribute some words in response to a different prompt for the forthcoming edition.

If this isn't direct evidence of the universe rewarding failure with triumph, then I don't know what is!

So, it's in this spirit that I am offering the forthcoming edition of Spoonful: A Happiness Companion as a little prize. All that you need to do, to be in the running for this seriously gorgeous gift, is to tell us about a time when you managed to turn failure into triumph in the comments below.

Sign up as a follower to this blog and you'll get an extra entry in the draw. Sign up to follow me on twitter and you'll also get an extra extra entry in the draw!

I'll draw the winner by hand this Saturday night (Saturday 7 April) at 7pm Australian Eastern Standard time and will post the name of the winner soon thereafter.

Thank you all for your wisdom and witness over the past twelve months. The best bits of the journey were the ones that had you in them. xx


  1. Sorry I missed this blog post! And now I'm late for entering your giveaway... =-\

    But I am SO PROUD of what you have accomplished in your blog here Kat, so proud of your growth as an artist and as a writer. Proud to have witnessed your maneuvering through so many struggles and challenges - I can not believe that I have been so fortunate to witness it all, practically from the very beginning!

    You should be proud of yourself too =-)

    Happy Anniversary to Worthiness Wednesday my dear friend! May there be many, MANY more to come =-D

  2. A wondrous giveaway and so beautifully written! They say of all these creative life businesses that you have to never give up... people will follow later, just enjoy what you do and continue to do it with passion!!!!!

    Such an honour to be on your beautiful blog and in a giveaway too!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Love your work, Kat. Keep the lists up and you just never know! x