Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #11: Fiona's dive into nature

Today's guest post comes courtesy of my creative coach Fiona Robyn. Fiona lives in Malvern in the UK and is a writer, a psychotherapist, a coach and a committed and practicing Buddhist.

Recently, I participated in one of Fiona's Creative Intensives, which included a daily email, a small closed community forum and a suite of coaching calls via skype. I can highly recommend this e-course if you need help, like I did, focusing your creative energies and getting a special project started (or finished!).

Fiona kindly gave me permission to share one of my favourite prompts from the Creative Intensives below:

How often do you manage to connect with nature?

I’m counting the care you give your pot plants, and your walk to work where you notice the pink flowers in the cracks in the pavement. I’m counting when you gaze through the window at the sky.

Notice nature around you as you go through your day today.

Approach scraps of nature (or treat yourself to a walk in the woods or a swim in the sea) with as much "depth" as you can.

Thanks Fiona! As we progress through our blogging intensive, one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is log off and go outside, particularly if we're feeling stuck or stale. A short walk outside (or even a few moments with a house plant!) can yield a myriad of inspirations.

Looking forward to seeing how spending time in nature enriched your writing today.


  1. OH yes, I'm all for noticing nature and feeling a connection within. :)

  2. Great advice and so agree. I love being outside and especially gardening. I always find if feeling flat and lacking motivation if I go out for a short walk or do some gardening I feel energised again. Thanks for sharing this. Gx

  3. Totally agree regarding importance of connecting with nature. I use that a lot when trying to be mindful, especially when things are a little difficult. Alas, today it's pissing it down so not much nature connection going on here - but fortunately I'm having a good day so being stuck indoors not causing the usual madness ;)

  4. Hi Kat, you're so right, stepping out and connecting with nature is a great way to keep your mojo going, mine has been intermittent of late- always the way when I do money making projects, rather than the ones from the soul! I need to lift my head up a little, and re-connect with the world. Happy Thursday. Ange x

  5. I love flowers and scenery from the aesthetic point of view but I´m truly a "Bear in the cave" type of girl. :D I¨m much more comfortable inside.
    Of course I went and married an outdoorsy type who runs biclycle races and such. *slaps forehead*

  6. Thanks all. Hope a few of you might have a go at writing a small stone on our Mindful Writing Day on 1st of Nov - details here. Thanks for sharing, Kat!