Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #15: Manifest the season

In her marvellous book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, Sarah Ban Breathnach writes in her entry for 1 September:

It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants.

What do you want more or less of in your life, so that you can love the life you're leading? It could be as simple as seeing friends more often, setting aside time to have adventures with your children while they still want your companionship, calling a solitary hour a day your own, or just taking more walks in the dazzling sunshine.

The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows we're making them. Autumnal resolutions don't require horns, confetti, and champagne. September resolutions ask only that we be open to positive change.

I can try to do that. So can you.

Regardless of the hemisphere you're in, I suspect you'd agree that it's a slippery slope to the holiday season from here. The rest of 2012 is about to disappear into a whirlpool of end-of-year concerts, final reports, gift buying and family politics (er, I mean, "quality time").

Whether you are sinking into the rhythms of Autumn or emerging into the fragranced light of Spring, now is a wonderful time to think about what you would like to invite into your life as the calendar year draws to a close.

As Sarah so wisely reminds us, it doesn't have to be (in fact, it shouldn't be) a To Do list, or a string of aspirations you are likely to punish yourself for not achieving. It's about listening to the whispers of your heart, the yearnings of your soul, and the true needs of your body, and pondering ways you could be open to these.

At the beginning of September this year, I compiled my own Spring Manifesto. It is pictured above, and you can read the words here. I actually slapped this collage together on the kitchen bench while my daughter -- who was unwell at the time -- enjoyed a snack and some "down time" in front of a DVD. I did it with little thought or premeditation, but with a gentle prayer that permeated every cell in my body.

I wanted to invite a sense of ease into my life. I wanted wellness. And I wanted FUN.

I have to say, it is working for me beautifully. I have managed to incorporate most of the things into my life, because I actually really want to. I feel good every time I look at this little inspiration board, and I think that has as much to do with the spaciousness of its intent as the aesthetic. It is not so much about what I want To Do as how I want To Feel.

How do you want to feel, as you slide into the silly season? What feelings would you like to invite into your life? How could you honour these feelings, in your journal, in some fun slap-dash art, in your crafting?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and witnessing your feelings.


  1. My main feeling is that I don't want Christmas to be mentioned until the middle of November at the earliest ...... there was an advert for Christmas toys on tv yesterday!!
    I love buying presents for family and friends, finding special things for them - I just don't want to be assaulted by the commercialism of Christmas in October!
    I was amused at your mention of your daughter watching a dvd when she was poorly ..... it reminded me of my son watching "Superman" twice in a row (the first film with Christopher Reeve) when he had mumps ..... thirty years ago!!

  2. Oh the power of manifestation, only if more people realized.

  3. Such wise words today. I want peace and tranquility and I plan to try to achieve it by spending more time in the garden.

  4. Christmas isn't even mentioned until December 1 in our house. Then we go crazy! Table runners, quilts, decorations, buntings, you name it. I can handle craft stores getting in supplies from now but going to the mall and seeing advertising is my pet hate.

    Side note, we are pretty much half way in Blogtober wahoo!!!!!

  5. Oh my comment got eaten, sorry!!

    Hello, so true, i just posted on 'just enjoy YOUR life' & run with what you have. Love Posie

  6. this is a fabulous board, Kat! couldn't agree more about the resolutions -- the ones I make in August/September are the ones that stick for me! For me it's because it is the autumn season here, the leaves are falling and I feel a huge rush of motivation to accomplish/do/be before the chill settles in for the winter!

  7. Wellness and fun are definitely good things to manifest. I think I'd like wellness, peace and creativity to fill my life. I don't get caught up in the Christmas craziness any more and that's a good thing for me. :)

  8. I want time, peace, I want to get over my fear to design. I want to set myself free to design beautiful crochet
    It is scary

  9. I *love* your collage, and even more so its meaning :) Right now, I just want to feel better.... *sigh!* This broken foot is getting boring now!!