Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #18: Lee's rocking chair memories

Today's guest prompt comes from Lee, a lovely lass I met in Mondo Beyondo so many moons ago, who blogs at sleepeybear's spot. I love reading Lee's gratitude lists, and glimpsing her scrapbooking creations... and was delighted to see recently that she succumbed to temptation to play in a Smash Journal (how addictive and fun are they?)!

Lee's post today reminds us how seemingly everyday objects can become imbued with memories of special times and people so dear to us... and how spending time with these objects can give rise to very powerful stories:

In the Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) airport, there are these delightful white rocking chairs gathered in small seating areas throughout the terminals. Occasionally, I even have the chance to sit and relax in one for a little while. 

But beyond serving as fun seating, those rocking chairs always make me think of friendship – because if I’m in CLT, I am most likely on my way to see one or more friends.

More recently, they remind me of this time a year ago, when my three dearest friends planned a surprise girls’ weekend for me. 

En route from her home in North Carolina to our gathering spot in Ohio, my friend "Baker Blonde" got to sit in one of the rocking chairs while she waited at CLT for her connecting flight. Since she knew I liked rocking chairs, her first thought when she sat down was to text me and gloat about sitting in one – until she realized that would give away the surprise.

So now, what looks like a plain ol’ rocking chair to most people is, for me, a lovely reminder of how dear my friends are and how blessed I am to have the ability to visit with them from time to time, no matter the distance.

What item that most people consider normal or everyday has special significance for you?

I look forward to hearing your versions of rocking chair memories. In the meantime, I am marvelling that there's an airport somewhere that is thoughtful enough to provide rocking chairs to soothe the souls of weary travellers!


  1. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a list somewhere of daily prompts?

    1. Great question, Bonnie! Not yet, but there will be.

  2. Thanks again, Kat, for the opportunity to occupy a little corner of your blog-world. I am loving these guest posts each day, and honored to be part of your amazing month!