Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #19: Jennifer spies the sacred in the everyday

Today's guest prompt comes from artist, poet and dear dear friend Jennifer Valentine. Jennifer makes the most exquisite jewellery and whimsical assemblages from found treasures, available through her online shoppe so fittingly called Sacred Cake.

I love how Jennifer's post reminds us that a camera lens can give us a whole new perspective on our everyday world and invite us to slow down and notice the beauty that is always there:

When I am having a rough day, sometimes use my camera lens as a way to focus my mind on the things around me that are simple and beautiful. I become mindful of what is around me which brings me out of myself, as I seek the sacred in the ordinary things that become elevated to sacredness through my lens. 

There is no need for a fancy camera. I use an old point and shoot!

I find my joy, wherever it is that day: in the dancing shadows of leaves on old plates on the dining room wall; in a favorite song or album played over and over for a little while; writing a quick postcard to someone I'm thinking of; even ironing vintage linens.

And in the joy of creating just a little something that day... even if it is just a made bed!

Reading this last line, makes me want to jump up and down shouting, YES! We are all artists of our lives... even if all we manage to "make" in a given day is our bed.

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for the beauty and wisdom you share every day.

Friends, where is the sacred nestled in amongst your every day, just waiting for you to notice?


  1. The joy in my day today was seeing a great variety of birds clustered on the feeders (it's just coming into winter here) - I could sit for hours watching their antics!

  2. I find it on the days when there is nothing "news worthy" for my picture of the day. An example just from this week: a colourful headband on daughter´s desk.

  3. Couldn't agree more with the comment about creating every day.

  4. This is such a lovely and inspiring post! When I'm feeling stuck I like to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot tea. I may not be accomplishing anything, but it soothes me and helps me smooth my ruffled feathers! I've created a moment of quiet bliss for myself.
    I just want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for Blogtoberfest! To be honest, I haven't posted every day, but I know I've posted more than I would have on my own. And I love reading the daily prompts and seeing what everyone else is up to on their blogs. I was feeling a bit like a failure, but then I decided to just appreciate what I've done and post as often as I can for the rest of the month. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration!

  5. This is just what I needed today. I'm so tired after not much sleep last night, panicking about the weekend, and wondering what the hell I'm going to blog about for the next 3 days.
    So this is timely.
    sometimes just taking a deep breath and slowing down, lifting your eyes up and seeing is the best refresher ever.

  6. Different perspectives always recharge the soul! I also take photos when its more of a mood or lighting that captures my imagination. Love this post! cheers, Lil x