Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #20: Saturday is for savouring

Each Saturday, I play along with 52 weeks of grateful, hosted by my marvellous friend Maxabella. I consider this my weekly gratitude practice and love the way it entices me to keep my eyes open all week for clues as to what really makes me come alive. 

All Blogtoberfest12 participants are warmly invited to join in and link up!

This week, I have been grateful for:

1. Signing up for Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar program for the eight weeks before Christmas. At the same time, being urged to test my intentions by the sagely sound Kate Swoboda. Knowing that I am in a good place with this: open to the challenge, stepping into the learning, but not trying to "fix" myself.

2.  This marvellous horoscope from Ron Brezsny:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you asked me to be your personal advisor, I would prescribe supplements and herbs to build up your immune system. I'd insist that you eat nothing but healthy food and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. I'd suggest that you meditate daily on images that symbolize your most inspiring desires. For fun, I might even advise you to do a ritual in which you create a big circle around yourself using violet yarn and then do a series of playful acts to pump up your freedom, like dancing as wildly as you know how and chanting "love is my creator". Finally, Gemini, if you sought my counsel, I'd urge you to use your exuberant imagination in concert with your disciplined intellect as you design a long-term plan to charge up your well-being.

3. Staring to open up about my plans for next year, as I gently put things into place in order to realise a long-held dream. Tapping in to incredible resources, including an almost-two-hour skype with my pal Philippa in the UK. Fortified by signs from the Universe, like the one above. Yeah!

4. My little sister's beautiful blog post about big sisters! Love.

5. Having a little adventure with my little 'un one afternoon. Catching the bus to our favourite independent bookstore, so that we could buy her a copy of "Pippa Legstocking" (!!). Loving how she entertained herself with the wooden train set while I browsed the shelves.

6. Savouring the new sounds of my favourite women artists: Lisa Mitchell, Martha Wainwright, Cat Power, Antony Hergarty.

7. Splurging on a very special -- completely breathtaking -- book: Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and The Rose, illustrated by Del Kathryn Barton. I will be savouring this for life. And I have just discovered that there will soon be a short exhibition of the paintings from this book at Heide, which presents the perfect excuse for me to visit (can't believe I've never been!).

8. Identifying a moment during the week, a tipping point, where my confidence evaporated and the familiar glumness started to kick in. Deciding to be honest and share this with my beloved, even if it didn't make full sense to either of us (and even if I wasn't brave enough to share the full extent of my vulnerability). It felt like a start. And the fog started to clear almost right away.

9. Yoga and tarot? Yes please!

10. My little 'un closing the door of my study/studio just now, so I could have some "quiet time". She's the best, honestly.


  1. Again ...a fab list
    I love your sister's blog little brother would not be nearly so generous
    And I'm totally loving Lisa Mitchell (and Priscilla Ahn)

  2. The one about your little one closing the door for you to have quiet time? That melted my heart! Happy Saturday to you. =)

  3. I loved this post from start to finish. WOW! That is one awesome horoscope! So many things to be grateful for. Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend ~ xo