Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #24: Worthiness Wednesday #77 It would be a privilege to assist you (and don't you forget it)

I've been struggling to work out what my "superpower" is. Other people seem to have nailed this, even to the point of distilling them down to pithy one-liners. But, despite ongoing efforts, I don't feel any closer to being able to answer the question: What do you do? with any great succinctness. Even in my day job, when I am in a senior specialist role for which I am credentialed out the wazoo.

Last year, I purchased a splendid workbook called Operation: Creative Career Cheer. I had a terrific time working through the exercises and learnt a lot about myself along the way.

Until I got to one of the tasks, that required consulting two trusted pals for perspective. I tentatively emailed the two gals closest to me in my life, asking them to answer the handful of questions about me. Things like: What do I rock at? How do I inspire you? And so on.

They never replied.

Which is OK. I mean, they were busy and one confided that she didn't feel she was in the right headspace to respond at the time I sent the email. I get that.

A few months ago, I had a wonderful skype session with my creative coach, Fiona. I was telling her about how I was in the process of organising a meeting with a publisher and how I was hoping to convince her to add me to "the books" i.e. the team of writers she calls upon when a title or series needs commissioning.

Fiona listened patiently, then shared that she had been "watching the shapes my face made" as I recounted my story. I knew exactly what she meant: that self-deprecating schtick I do when I am trying to downplay my offerings, protect myself from rejection. She noted, "It seems to do your work a disservice. It would be a privilege to publish your work, and to work with you."

This got me thinking.

When I sent out that email to my two gal pals, I probably didn't really show how keenly I wanted their insights. It was only me, only a silly request, it wasn't a priority, and it didn't matter if they responded, right? I'm not sure why I was surprised at the outcome.

This week, I invite you to think about the help you have been asking for. See if you can reframe it, so that it's clear exactly why you need that help and why it is so important that you receive it. And before you pick up that phone or press send on the email/SMS/tweet/blog post, take a deep breath and remind yourself: you are worthy of assistance.

You know that if it were the other way around, you would jump to assist. And the people you're asking know it too. Step in and step up to this. You are equal to all. You are perfectly entitled to assistance, safe in the knowledge you are asking with love in your heart.

And it would be truly a privilege to assist you in bringing that love out into the world.

Those of you playing along with Blogtoberfest12 might be new to Worthiness Wednesday. Don't be shy! Basically, it's a weekly prompt where I share my musings about the word "worthy" and my journey to understand what self-worth means to me. You are most welcome to respond on your own blog, share your thoughts in the comments below, or just let the prompt marinate in your mind for a wee while.


  1. This post comes on the heels of my session with MY coach and our discussion about how I have been reluctant to leave the cool shade of the shadows and REALLY let my light shine in the world; being in the shade is cool and comfortable, being really out in the world can be uncertain and a bit scary...

    I agree with your coach that it would be a HUGE PRIVILEGE to work with you and that publisher would be EXTREMELY LUCKY to have you on their team!! How do I know this? Because I've been reading your writing for as long as you've had this blog my friend and YOU are a WONDERFUL writer! =-)

    I know it's never really easy to embrace our greatness, but if we embrace it a little bit everyday, we will grow into the comfort-ability (is that a word??!?!) of being in the bright glow of our true greatness...and I am continually working toward this as should YOU =-) Thank you for this kind and thoughtful post Kat!

  2. Oh wow! This hit home! I really find it hard to describe what I do. I'm an inbetweeny (crochet and graphic design with engineering background) and I guess I do second-guess myself. Earlier on today, I was asked if I could do something to do with interior design and I surprised myself by saying "Yes, of course I can!" I don't think I would have said that in the recent past. I might have said (either verbally or via body language) that I could give it a go. But no, not anymore. If I can, I will be confident about it and say I can! :) I love the power of the blogosphere and how we can all encourage each other and inspire each other! I've also loved blogotoberfest. My first time! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to join in everyday (as much I had intended to). But hey, that's life. I will join in when I can but I've loved checking in with all of you! Thanks xxx

  3. I agree that we tend to downplay our awesomeness. I recently have taken on the ideal that everything that I really want to happen will and I will be super annoyed if it doesn't.

    Some tell me that this is a very bratty way to look at life. But I don't think it's bratty at all. I don't expect everything that I really want to happen, those things that are important to me, to just happen to me. I expect to go out and get it. Its important to take what you want in this life, to work hard at achieving the things that you are passionate about.

    Ignore the poppy trimmers, stand tall, and yell to the world... I am Me, I am awesome and I deserve to have what I really truly want.

  4. Thanks for that Kat, it made me feel kind of smiley inside. :)

  5. wow, powerful post, love it. I have even forwarded the link to my dear friend who sometimes needs reminding to open up to assistance :) i hope she is here reading this very soon. thanks for sharing :)