Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #26: A Spoonful of sweetness and an invitation to get personal

Today's guest post is a real treat: some insider tips from Anthea, the founder and editor of Spoonful zine! Spoonful is a tiny tome that punches way above its weight in terms of quality writing, sumptuous design, inspiring projects and heartfelt sentiment. I have been a huge fan ever since first issue, am a proud subscriber, and was privileged to have my words appear in Issue Seven.

As we are nearing the end of Blogtoberfest12 (and the incentive that the blogging festival "structure" provides will disappear), I asked Anthea to share with us how she keeps going on her blog, and what draws her back to her favourite blogs.

Well, I always think it's good to think of it from a reader's perspective and be consistent. Hilarious that this is my advice, as I've been very naughty this year, due to travels and illness, however, one can aim high! :) 

When I visit a blog it's frustrating to get there and find nothing has changed... again. I love for it to be consistent whether it's always updated on a Tuesday, a Friday, every two days or every day. It's a good practice to get into for a blogger, to have a structure to adhere to. Plus it's a pleasure reading a blogger who's always there when they say they're going to be.

Of course it's not always possible -- my year has been a perfect example of how "not" to blog -- but if it is, then that should be the aim!

There are so many of us blogging out there, which is fantastic! But I find there's loads of repetition too. I love the blogs that show me more of their writer's inner-workings or thoughts or projects or selves. 

At Spoonful, how we do this is by getting each of our bloggers to write about subjects they're passionate about. For example, our poet Hannah Stephenson loves to sing and create music, so she has a regular post about music and her experiences of it. 

As I create Spoonful issues, I come across topics and ideas that intrigue me and so I write about those. Sure it won't be for everybody: when it's personal like this, some will love it and others hate it. But at the end of the day, it won't be the same image going around. We're writing to share something we're interested in or passionate about. Usually when I read a blogger that does this, it's far more intriguing to me.

So: consistency and making it personal. Those would be my blogging tips :)

Thanks for having me here: I look forward to reading everyone's perspective.

Thanks, Thea! You must have to read a lot of blogs, so we appreciate your perspective! [PS How cute are you in the photo above?!]

I am very interested that Thea mentions her penchant for the personal perspective. I write a fair bit of personal stuff on my blog, but I know some people don't like writing or reading personal stuff. Some of my blogging friends work very hard to keep it "sunny side up" but then notice what an incredible response they get when they open up about something they've found challenging.

Not that all personal blogging has to be negative but I think we do carry assumptions that if we tell the truth then people will say, "Get over yourself, sad sack, and stop whinging! Can't you see all you have to be grateful for?". But that's usually just our own inner critics working on overdrive.

So today, you are warmly invited to consider: how could you infuse your blog with more of your magnificent self?


  1. What a great guest post! It's got me thinking how I will continue with my own blog moving forward - thanks for inviting Anthea to gust post for Blogtoberfest =-)

  2. I agree with the previous comment, this is a great post. I have noticed that when I write my own truth and share what is meaningful to me, my readers really seem to respond more positively. When I try to do what I think bloggers are supposed to do (rather than being authentic) I get frustrated.

    So much of this we learn after we get started, I think.

  3. thanks for having me here lovely lady :) A pleasure as usual to be in contact with you :)