Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #28: Sunday Snippets

Each Sunday, I participate in Sunday Snippets, hosted by the lovely {tinniegirl}.  The beauty of this challenge is that it’s all images: no words required. And, as with yesterday’s gratitude practice, it's a wonderful way to ensure that I keep my eyes peeled for the tiny moments that make memories.


 All Blogtoberfest12 participants are warmly invited to join in and link up!

[P.S. Forgive me for posting such uninspiring photos and a day late, at that! I've been off the grid, knee-deep in dust in the name of de-cluttering, and discovering that it's a slippery slope from off the grid to off my rocker. That said, the power of deep excavation is not to be underestimated... watch this space!]


  1. Kat congratulations on your excavations! Missed you yesterday but managed without since you have set up such a good structure! Got your email and will respond!

  2. I always have to be careful when I set about decluttering or reorganizing a space. There's no telling what I might get myself into - either literally or time-wise. Hope things turned out well for you! =)