Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #29: Have you heard your word?

Did you choose a word for 2012? By that I mean, at the end of last year, did you alight on a word that would guide you through the new year? Perhaps the word would be something that you wanted to achieve, explore or invite more of into your life. Or perhaps it would be something to guide, inspire or fortify you. Or maybe it would just be a pleasant travelling companion, benign and reassuring that you're generally on the right track.

In 2011, my word for the year was "worthy". And it whupped my hide! I knew at the end of 2010 that the year ahead was going to require me to dig deep and face some painful truths. I also had an inkling that the challenge of stepping up to my own worthiness would be tougher than I cared to admit.

In 2012, my word was "savour". After a year of slog and struggle, I wanted to slow down and breathe. I wanted to really witness the fruits of my labour. I wanted to be more present, more open to emotions (both delicious and frightening), and wanted to spend more intentional time with my family.

I had the opportunity to connect more deeply with my word by making a vision board during a workshop guided by my dear friend Cathy. This vision board has sat on the windowsill of my study/studio ever since and I have looked at it every single day. It still gives me a great sense of pride and wonder, and more than a little excitement, in a way that only collage can. (A collage resonates for me in a way that is so much more than the sum of its parts.)

But I think that the vision board is a good way of thinking through what a word can do. I wouldn't say that I have mastered the art of savouring. In fact, I can easily point to at least a dozen points in any given day when I do the exact opposite of savouring. But "to savour" is not a goal, an end point, a To Do list. I haven't manifested every item that appears on my vision board, either.

That's the beauty of it.

By inviting a word to travel with you for a year -- and by going a step further and representing it visually -- I think that what you are really doing is giving yourself permission to explore something. It's a way of surrendering up to the universe something that you do not fully understand but intuitively know will yield something important and meaningful to you. It's a new lens through which to view your daily life, a private prayer, a fresh muscle to exercise, a secret reminder that there is so much more to you than meets the eye.

As our Blogtoberfest12 journey draws to a close, I am encouraging you to plant a seed. Looking back on the intention you set, all those moons ago on the first of this month, may help you to get a sense of what you're seeking. Like that intention, the beauty of this process is that does not lend itself to becoming a rod you can whup yourself with. I repeat: it's not a goal, an end point, a To Do list.

It's a path, a conversation, an opening, an opportunity.

Today, plant that seed in the greenhouse in the back of your mind. It might bloom straight away. Or it might take a while to receive the nourishment it needs to emerge.

What word word will choose you in 2013?


  1. I haven't heard my word yet, but I am thinking about it as the year slowly draws to a's also got me thinking how much my word played out for me this year. Thanks for this wonderful post Kat!

  2. I love the word "savour"! Just delicious and inviting! I want to borrow it and use it for 2013, but I also have a word emerging for me...TINGLE! Thanks for getting me to think about this NOW!

  3. My word this year was "believe". I'm not sure what 2013's word will be. Right now I'm not sure what 2013 will be, full stop! I'm open to anything ;) xx