Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #31: WooHOO!

This cheeky self-portrat my husband took during our recent holiday in Germany somehow encapsulates how I'm feeling today.

Or, in other words: wooHOO!

We did it, my friends! We made it to day 31 of Blogtoberfest12. All 334 of us!

And, yes, that means YOU. You who blogged every single day. You who blogged once on 1 October and never made it back to your computer. You who started off with the best of intentions but then life got in your way. You who blogged intermittently, when life got out of your way. You who started a blog just so you could participate. You who tweeted and retweeted, and posted the occasional photo on instagram.

You made the experience what it was and I am quite honestly grateful for every single one you.

Thank YOU. For your enthusiasm, for your faith, for your willingness to show up and try something different and not do it perfectly. This, for me, is what Blogtoberfest is all about.

I could not have done any of this without Cam, whose beautiful blog button somehow encapsulates the whole Blogtoberfest12 experience for me: bright and moving. Thank you also for setting up the sign-up linky and providing a home base for 55 gorgeous giveaways.

I am also indebted to my 12 guest posters: Cherie, Paula, Alana, Fiona, Samara, Julie, Lee, Jennifer, Car, Monica, Anthea and Cathy. Thank you all so much for making Blogtoberfest12 a more global event (spanning five countries and three continents!) and bringing a whole lot of inspiration and insight to our community.

At some point very soon, I will be compiling all the posts that appeared on this blog during the month of Blogtober into a list with links, so that you can revisit the Blogtoberfest12 experience at any time.

So at this point you may be wondering: what's next?

Well, after you have given yourself permission to take a well-earned blogging break (and see if you can include a cup of tea, a great novel, a bubble bath, some dark chocolate and a massage/facial/mani/pedi in there!!) then there are a couple of opportunities coming up to reconnect.

Tomorrow on 1 November, my creative coach and Blogtoberfest12 guest blogger, Fiona (along with her husband Kaspalita) is hosting the inaugural Mindful Writing Day. All you need to do to be a part of it is blog, tweet or post to facebook a "small stone". Be sure to check out the sign-up details here. I know I'll be there, and look forward to sharing my small stone with you as well as savouring yours.

I will also be hosting #reverb here in December 2012. Like Blogtoberfest, #reverb invites you to blog every day, but the experience is a little gentler and more introspective. I'll be updating the details during the next few weeks, and will be sure to stop by the blogs of everyone who participated in Blogtoberfest12 to invite them personally to participate.

Until then, I am signing out and logging off and diving back in to my deranged de-cluttering project! Is is just me or does it really feel like it is the end of an era: that important things are coming to and end, and it's time to make way and open up for new things to begin?

Bisous to you during this powerful and poignant time.

Kat xx


  1. Thankyou for doing a fantabulous hosting job Kat. It was a blast!

  2. Thanks so much for organising - I am glad I stumbled on this via a friend. Can't believe that in a few hours time my 31st consecutive blog post will go live - have never blogged daily for this long before. I'm going to drop back to two to four blog posts per week but have enjoyed this little bit of intensive blogging!!

  3. Congratulations and thank you!
    I met quite a few cool bloggers through Blogtoberfest and I´m planning on continuing visiting more from the list. :)
    Thanks for the chance of being a guest blogger, you were a very gracious hostess.
    I´ll keep in touch!

  4. Congratulations Kat your hosting was super. Not that I got round as much as Id liked but it was a great exercise coming at a time when I needed to hone my creative self into some semblance of order! A creative opportunity has presented itself at short notice so it's head down bum up round here now!

  5. Bisous back, Kat! Much woo-hoo here too, about to write and post #31. I did it!! Have loved my first Blogtoberfest experience, thank you for hosting. Baby girl #2 arriving either 2 or 3 weeks on Friday (or before?!), no small stones here but I have been avidly following WOWH on both Twitter and Facebook since finding it via BF and loving what's been popping up. #reverb in Dec sounds brilliant and if I am up to it I would love to take part. Do you have an email subscribe button on your site? Poss am blind lol. Have a great day!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH Kat! This has been magical even though I only ran into Blogtoberfest on October 17th, I will have blogged every day since then! You did such a great job! I am looking forward to staying in touch and doing Reverb12! Big warm hugs to you!

  7. Thanks so much for helping me on my blogging journey with Blogtoberfest12! I am really happy with my efforts and this has given me the encouragement to keep going! THanks again.

  8. :) We made it! I fell off the bandwagon a bit in the end but it is what it is! Thanks for hosting and I look forward to reverb! Sounds very interesting. Thanks again xx

  9. Thanks heaps for being the blogtoberfest base camp Kat! What an epic run it is - but we did it! Doing a little "I did it" dance now! I found lots of new blogs to follow and made some new friends. How great is that?!

  10. No "Thank you" your comment on my last post was so poignant an beautiful, really will love giving Jac the feedback. It is so very tough what she is enduring and has been through.
    I particularly love all your encouraging comments on not only my posts but also on a lot of posts I read along the way. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to post everyday as I had fully intended. the last week has truly caught up on me, life a never ending roller coaster, thank god :)

    Otherwise, You have done a brilliant job in keeping Blogtoberfest alive for 2012, a very inspiring month, so 'Thank you' again and again..Lil xxxxx

  11. Thanks for hosting Kat - we made it!!

  12. The last day! Yay I made it! :) It was fun and thanks for hosting the challenge this year.

  13. Thanks for hosting such a great event! :) I had lots of fun! x

  14. You did brilliantly and I've so enjoyed being a spectator :)

  15. Thank you Kat! I didn't think I could make it.... but I did and it was a great experience. Thanks for the inspiration and all the hard work!

  16. Hi Kat, I've just done my last Blogtoberfest post! Thank you for hosting this super event! Unfortunately I didn't get to visit as many of the other bloggers as I would have liked to, but I have spent the last four weeks recovering from our fabulous 5-week holiday ...... I actually did my first two posts from Singapore,then did the rest from home, in the glorious Scottish Borders!! Anne x

  17. Thanks for being a great host:) I have really enjoyed being part of blogtoberfest again this year. I'm glad you contacted me. I had hardly blogged this year and probably would have forgotten about it. I am well and truly back in the swing of things now, with lots of blog posts jumping around my head!

    I discovered some great blogs and will continue through the list, 334 is a lot of amazing people!


  18. Thanks so much for being a great host and taking this on. I've not been too good at commenting I'm afraid, but I've really enjoyed hopping around reading new blogs and different styles of posts :-) Congrats to all!

  19. Hi Kat, thanks so much for hosting Blogtoberfest this year. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of posting every day - and made it! Love Cam's button, which will be staying on my blog permanently!! Looking forward to next year! Cheers x

  20. thank YOU kat! you did a fabulous job of hosting!
    i can't believe how quick the month went!

  21. Thanks Kat for the fabulous hosting you did of Blogtoberfest! This was my first time and I've already decided to make it an annual event ;-) I managed to connect with 50 new bloggers during the time which was fabulous and had new peeps coming visiting at mine.