Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day #6: Savour your Saturday

Each Saturday, I play along with 52 weeks of grateful. I consider this my weekly gratitude practice and I love the way it entices me to keep my eyes open all week for clues as to what really makes me come alive. All Blogtoberfest12 participants are warmly to join in and link up!

This week, I have been grateful for:

1. Blogtoberfest12! It has been such a delight to witness all the bravery and excitement and support and connection going on. Also loving the tweets and instagrams. Thank you all, it’s been a wonderful first week.

2. The video above, posted by Lisa at noodlebubble. Just one of the many gems you’ll find by visiting participant blogs, and a real treat for this typography junkie!

3. My fabulous funny sister has started her own blog, inspired by Blogtoberfest! I have been savouring her posts, she writes just like she talks. Love, love, love.

4. I am beyond honoured to be featured at Maddabling as a Friday Friend this week. Thank you so much, Samara, for the opportunity. And looking forward to your fantastic guest post for Blogtoberfest next week!

5. A day at the beach with my little ‘un on Thursday. It was a glorious day and I made the conscious decision just to sit on the sand and enjoy it. I couldn’t help but take a few happy snaps of her in the water (and post them subsequently to instagram!) but other than that, it was a delicious slice of life offline.

6. The Mi Goals collection. O. M. G.

7. Booking tickets to see Wild Surmise with my bff in late November. A delicious night of Dorothy Porter and the lady who brought Sappho to life, who could resist?

8. Brave Girl Art School generously extending the availability of their online curriculum until 1 January. I have been so enjoying Melody Ross’ fantastic technique videos, but have fallen behind for obvious reasons! I was beginning to panic that I’d lose the opportunity to watch them all. I love it when course providers are responsive to feedback and take compassionate action. (I’d highly recommend the course, too!)

9. My Amelie outfit (I got the plum version, with matching boots). Resisting the temptation to hack myself some choppy bangs, but hearing accordions everywhere I go.

10. My sweet little girl telling me, “Daddy and I love you being Mummy.” Trying to remember this when I am giving myself a hard time for not doing/being enough for her, or him. Or me.

For more celebrations of enoughness, please be sure to stop by and share your gratefuls with my delightful friend Maxabella this week!


  1. Oh I want an Amelie outfit too! Thanks for all the lovely links, I must check out noodlebubble, Maddabling and your sister's blog. What your little girl said to you is just gorgeous. And perfect. xx

  2. How cute that your sister (Lou?!) is blogging! Awesome!

    Your savouring your Saturday posts are always a joy to read, Kat. I find great new stuff online and loads of food for thought. Thank you. x

  3. Nice to meet you!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. Blogtoberfest is one magnificent party. Thanks for making me part of this!
    I´ve been around to a lot of the links you´ve been posting on Saturdays. Thanks for the heads up on so many cool people,projects and sites around the net.

  5. oh how sweet is that for your little girl to say :D
    that definitely needs to be written down and slipped in a wallet/diary for when you're feeling down!
    happy weekend!

  6. A lovely gratitude list! Don't you just love when kids come out with the sweetest things?! :)

  7. What a lovely long list. Something went amiss with my blog link on the linky page. I have re-entered it, could I get you to deleate the first one (#177 Mealy and I) please (it would not let me deleate it.

  8. That's a very gorgeous list Kat ... well done ;)