Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday is for savouring

This week, I have been grateful for...

1. Giving myself permission not to blog all week. I had lots of things to share but I didn’t have the space: metaphorically (as in, brain space) but also literally. That is to say, it took a full day of de-cluttering to clear enough space on the study/studio floor so I could reach my desk... then I needed to clear the desk!

2. A day at the races with my sister. A friend of hers won two tickets to a rather posh marquee (in a radio competition, of all things!) but then couldn’t attend. My sister’s husband was keen but had a job interview. So I was the lucky recipient of the spare ticket, valued at $500. This entailed delicious canapés and champagne all day, comfy chairs, dedicated bookmakers, and priority outdoor seating with a fantastic view of the finish line. As usual, we passed the time sharing private jokes, savouring the spread, taking random instagrams, and admiring other people’s outfits.

3. Accepting betting advice from a chap who looked like he knew rather a lot about that sort of thing. He walked alongside me to the tram and said cheerily, “Are you off to Oaks Day? You look nice!”. He then offered me his top tip for the big race which, I now understand may have been a tip for the future: the filly didn’t make a place, but may be the one to watch. Either way, it felt good to honour his advice, have a flutter, then get a taste of what the shouty cults were experiencing all day!

4. This beautiful article from my creative coach Fiona. This is what marriage looks like. True.

5. A magnificent mail week, including: Stephen Cope's The Great Work of Your Life; the Rider Waite Tarot deck; Antony and the Johnsons’ Swanlights CD and book edition; Parker J Palmer's Let Your Life Speak; Philip Glass' Rework tribute; the incendiary book about my guiding star, Night Flower; and Mark Nepo's Seven Thousand Ways to Listen. Oh, and a new backpack... so that I can carry all this magnificent brain food on two shoulders!

6. This brilliant quote via Brain Picker. May I please have this printed into a tshirt?

7. Making a date and time to receive the swan blessing. The time is right.

8. Getting to my last big de-cluttering task: The Spare Room. After that, I’ll be on the home stretch with the laundry, kitchen cupboards and garden shed. Taking it one box at a time seems to be the only way to stave off the overwhelm.

9. This live poem from Danielle LaPorte. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

10. The question that grated on me all week. It irritated me massively but will ultimately lead me to where the peace is... eventually.

For more decidedly-not-grating gratefuls, please be sure to stop by and share everything that made your week delicious with my gorgeous friend Maxabella!

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  1. Lovely post...I particularly loved no. 2 - sounds like such a glorious day with your sister! Cheers, Mez (via Maxabella)