Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Retweeting #reverb12

I probably don't need to tell you that I am no techno genius. Witness the fact that I have two sign-up systems for #reverb12 -- a linky list and a widget on my side bar for receiving posts by email -- that don't talk to each other. Sigh!

But if you're following along on twitter, you may be wondering why I have been retweeting some #reverb12 tweets and not others.

Please be assured that this was no act of favouritism: just ignorance. I had no idea that twitter hashtag searches on mobile devices will not bring up all tweets, just my own and those of the small number of people whom I follow or who follow me.

Naff or what?

I was missing all this great stuff out there and I didn't even know it until I logged on to twitter from my computer, did a hashtag search, then selected "All" from a teensy weensy little line with the options Top / All / People you follow (which defaults to Top!).

Anyhoo, I would like to save those of you who, like me, are keeping up with #reverb12 twitter activity on a mobile device the trouble of logging on to a computer to keep up. That is to say, I'll log on once or twice a day, select All, then RT everyone who has tweeted with the hashtag #reverb12 (provided, of course, they are participating in this #reverb12, not someone else's!).

So, keep yourself in the loop without having to log on, you might want to follow me on twitter.

Just saying.

P.S. I'll definitely try for a more intuitive and streamlined sign-up system next year. Promise!

P.P.S. I received a question in the comments of today's post enquiring as to the meaning of "reverb". It might be a question better directed to Gwen Bell, who started it up, but as I understand (and if memory serves me correctly) it's based on the principle that we should look deep inside to become intimately acquainted with the origins of the reverberations we send out -- especially through the digital world -- and take responsibility for them. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows more, or has other perspectives, below in the comments.


  1. I can't even work twitter out so no complaints from me!!
    I'm journalling some stuff and will blog once a week I think

  2. I have yet to work twitter out, so I'm just blogging.

  3. You've done a fine job. No complaints only thanks.

  4. No problems, no complaints.
    On a different note, I've noticed that I'm receiving comments from people are taking part in someone's #reverb12. I noticed this when I went to their blogs and the prompt question is different. So I guess reverb is hosted by all different bloggers?