Friday, December 14, 2012

#reverb12 Day 14: The path that brought you here?

Today's #reverb12 prompt comes from my dear friend Bron aka Maxabella (image credit: Dave de Haan). Bron is everything a modern gal aspires to be: wise, funny and supremely stylish. She also rocks this mamahood thing from the zeniths to the nadirs, and if you aren't a part of her 52 weeks of grateful project then you really should be.

Sometimes I spend too long at the end of the year planning for the new year ahead, so something like #reverb12 is so good for me. 

This year was so full of change for me and mine that it feels like it wasn't a "good one". While I welcome the fresh breeze that change can bring, too much change just leaves me itchy and skittish, the ground loose beneath my feet. Then, when things settle again and the road ahead looks smooth and delightful, I think - what's next? 

But I need to remember to look back at the winding path before I start walking.

My question is: what was the most important thing you learned in 2012?

I would like to add: how does this learning shape the path going forward?

Thank you, Bron, for the delicious reminder to stop and inhale the breeze before resuming the journey.

If you're joining us for the first time, everything you need to know about #reverb12 (including a list of daily prompts, as they are published) can be found here and here. You can jump in at any time!

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We are so very glad that you're here!


  1. I have taken part in 52 Weeks this year and have really enjoyed it, and found it so helpful. Will it continue into 2013, Bron? Hoping so!

    I love this question and learning to be actively grateful has been a big part of my learning in 2012. Thanks for the prompt and the share :)

  2. The most important thing I learned this year: you can find beauty in change if you are willing to open your eyes and look for it :)

  3. I found the path that led back to me:

  4. This year, the most important thing I learned was that you cannot plan for the past.

    Thanks for having me, Kat. x

  5. Hi their, thanks for crediting my photo! This I don't see often (I came across this page by googling my own name and found out this photo was used for this blog haha). I wanted to say thank you :) Greetings, Dave