Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday is for savouring

This week, I have been grateful for:

1. My little 'un settling in so beautifully to kinder. Missing her so much while she's there, despite being focused on other things and happy that she's where she needs to be. She's almost four and an extraordinary little human being.

2. Finding the above little gem buried deep in a box in my wardrobe. Showing it to my little 'un, and asked if she thought her ma was cool. She replied, "I don't like my mummy when she was little. I like her now that she's big." Fair enough.

I want to mention that the photo was taken at Highpoint Shopping Centre circa 1983, where I was one of three kids selected from the crowd to have their photo taken with Darth Vader (signed, no less!). As you may gather, it was a promotion for a certain medical product. Invariably the question gets asked: what's that bloke on the left doing? I recall it clearly to this day: he was trying to avoid tripping over his microphone cord. Plonker.

3. This flippin' brilliant post from Alexandra Franzen. Killer insight, sage advice and Ru Paul. What's not to love?

4. One very special fifth wedding anniversary dinner. Gorgeous food, amazing wine, phenomenal sunset, a lass walking past the window where we sat and mouthing "Great dress!" at me, brave vulnerable conversation, a dreamy walk home. Nothing missing whatsoever.

5. Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things. There are no words to describe how I feel about this book. You just gotta get it for yourself. No, seriously. Just do it. NOW.

6. After the intensity of last week, experiencing a day when I just felt grateful for this beautiful messy painful exquisite life. Savouring it (as I know it doesn't come around often). Feeling full, deep, open.

7. This very touching and extremely clever campaign to publish a beautiful book.

8. This super cute photo of the best coffee in the world (via@_AmazingPhotos). "Best coffee in the world" is a big call so I was skeptical as I opened the link. But, nope, that would have to be the best coffee I've ever seen and enough to make me smile. (Who cares what it tastes like?)

9. My Wild Unknown tarot pack arriving this week. Seriously blown away. But I'm going to take my time getting to know this baby.

10. A beautiful moment this morning -- after a night of heavy rain and a night of being up in three-hourly intervals with a little girl who had a temperature and a runny nose -- when I had the house to myself and all the windows open. The breeze and the silence felt sacred, precious. And best honoured with a candle, a cup of Earl Grey tea and a dose of Maira Kalman.

10. +1 A lunch and movie date with my mum and li'l sis today. Going to see Quartet, which was simply delightful and also happened to centre around my all-time favourite piece of opera music ever. (Particularly exquisite was Ronnie Hughes' jazz trumpet interpretation of Bella figlia dell'amore which, sadly, does not appear on the soundtrack.) A lovely, fun, easy time. Special.

I’m playing along with my sweet friend Maxabella’s 52 weeks of grateful challenge. I really love the way it encourages me to keep my eyes open for tiny moments to be grateful for, all week long. Be sure to stop by and add your gratefuls!


  1. Lovely as usual Kat, and yes who doesn't love Ru Paul? x

  2. I have been wanting this tarot deck, now I NEED it. xo

  3. I like mummy very much when she was little! Cool dress!

    Number 10. Those moments.