Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday is for savouring

1. This video of my ballet teacher! I'm not sure how my sister found it, but the minute I heard Mrs Cross' voice, I was transported back in time. I took her classes from age four to 19. She remains such a profound influence on my life.... and has not changed one bit. Love.

2. Navigating out my way out of a stifling, emotionally oppressive week. If I hadn't felt the effects of Clomid last week, then I certainly did this week. Constant headaches, hot flushes, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, skin breakouts, bloating, depression. And back problems triggered. Oy. Thank goodness for the cool change, inside and out.

3. Fresh nashi pears off my mum and dad's tree. Scrumptious!

4. Finalising our accommodation in New York! It was surely a lot of fun, browsing the airbnb and VRBO sites for places to stay, kinda like having a sneaky peak into people's homes and imagining what it would be like to live there. Finding something that met all of our needs was a little trickier (especially with a little 'un in tow) but we managed to find two really wonderful places: one in the East Village, Manhattan and one in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Starting to get excited about this trip, even though it is three months away...

5. A wonderful coaching session with Satya during the week. Helping me identify the gaps in my daily life -- including the god-shaped hole -- and understand how they impact my creativity. Making a mindful effort to seek joy. And rest. And transcendence.

6. A whole day to myself on Friday while my little 'un played at my Mother-in-Law's house. This included a rare solo movie date to see the 10.45am session of Beasts of the Southern Wild. (Oh my. Words are still failing me when it comes to this film... but the images will haunt me forever.) It was a day of a steady pace and moments of calm, slowly filling the well.

7. Finally taking the plunge and giving the go-ahead to have evaporative cooling installed. My word. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this.

8. Signing up for The Scintilla Project. How fantastic does this look? So glad my pal Noël worded me up on this. I reckon I'll be learning a thing or two on how to host a blog challenge along the way (my gremlin couldn't resist informing me that this crew make my reverb efforts look rather amateurish!).

9. Flying to Adelaide this afternoon! I am going to see Laurie Anderson as part of the Adelaide Festival: both solo and in partnership with the Kronos Quartet. (She also has an exhibition that I am keen to see.) I have had such misgivings about this trip, if I am going to be honest. But it's not too hard to see what a gift this little mini adventure is going to be.

10. This delicious prediction from Rob Brezsny, which totally spoke to me:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In the language of the Huron Indians, "orenda" is a word that refers to the spiritual power that resides in all creatures and things. If you've got enough of it, you may be able to declare at least partial independence from your own past. You can better shape the life you want for yourself rather than being so thoroughly subject to the limitations of your karma and conditioning. I happen to believe that your current supply of orenda is unusually abundant, Gemini. What's the best use you can make of it?

As always, I am linking up with my dear friend Maxabella and her brilliant 52 weeks of grateful project. You really should get in amongst it: it'll hone your vision during the week for all the things you're grateful for; and you'll meet some totally gorgeous kindred spirits along the way. Promise!


  1. Hey, you did a great job hosting a blog challenge. If I hadn't been in the middle of packing up my house to move I would have been writing right along with everybody else in December.

    I have just spent fifteen minutes reading about these performances you're going to see. I'm really envious. Have a lovely, safe trip and I'm so glad the Clomid let you go in time for your mini-jaunt.

  2. I'm sorry you had such a snuffly week, Kat. Next week will be way better (you will be cooler, in any case!).

    New York here you come!!! x

  3. Oh wow to New York!! I dream of visiting New York! Love your day on your own - sounds nourishing. Hope next week is a great one for you Kat x

  4. That was a week full of stuff, for sure Kat!
    Can't wait to hear about your NY adventures, and I would so love to see what some of my old teachers are like now.
    Lisa xx

  5. That ballet video is just gorgeous what a wonderfully devoted woman! Sounds like a busy week, but much to look forward to.