Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spacious (a poem)

Dear you, 

you who always have 

so many things to do 

so many places to be 

your mind spinning like 

fan blades at high speed 

each moment always a blur 

because you’re never still

I know you’re tired 

I also know it’s not your fault 

The constant brain-buzz is like 

a swarm of bees threatening 

to sting if you close your eyes 

You’ve forgotten something again 

You need to prepare for that or else 

You should have done that differently

What if you closed your eyes? 

Would the world fall 

apart without you? 

Or would your mind 

become the open sky 

flock of thoughts 

flying across the sunrise 

as you just watched and smiled

Kaveri Patel

I am indebted to my dear friend Jill for sharing this.

It is perfection.


  1. Absolutely perfection. The timing is wonderful.

  2. Love this. Just to close our eyes.....

  3. Check out for more of her poetry.