Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Moon Day 2: Seize the season

Kat writes:

We are about to enter into a gentler season i.e. Autumn/Fall if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. For me, these seasons often feel like a relief after the intensity of Summer and Winter.

How do you intend to transition into the new season?

My friend Kylie Bellard has a wonderful set of questions you can use to help you in your deliberations.

You are warmly invited to share your musings (on your blog, on Facebook, via instagram etc.) by popping your URL in the linky below. Be sure to visit other kindred spirits to say hello and offer words of support.

What is August Moon? Everything you need to know can be found here. It's never too late to join in!

P.S. Be sure to sign up by 9pm AEST tomorrow (i.e. Friday 23 August, Melbourne time) to go into the draw to win the writing e-course of your choice offered by Writing Our Way Home to the value of £50. Yum!


  1. Thank you Kat for inviting me to join you for this. For some reason the comments section on the blog weren't showing up to read, only to leave comments. I may jump in. For now, I'm going ot sit this one out. Inspiration for writing has been lacking...perhaps your words will bring it back.

  2. I like your August Moon concept, Kat. I had no idea last night was a blue moon, but I am very pleased to tell you that I noticed the full moon and pointed it out to my son as being especially beautiful. I think good tidings are ahead. x