Monday, September 9, 2013

A desideratum of sorts

My husband found this treasure whilst sorting through his grandfather's archives at work. I fell in love with it immediately and was so keen to share. Of course, there was the quaintness of phrase (educated derelict?!) and the cute ye olde font. But it also seemed to me that the sentiment remains salient to this day, especially those of us who are trying to cultivate a life of our own making... a life that puts love, beauty and creativity front and centre.

It feels like a poignant reminder that it has ever been this way: regardless of our perceptions of our own talent and opportunity, it's our willingness to get down and dirty in "the arena" (as President Roosevelt and Dr Brené Brown might say) and to dust ourselves off every time we get knocked down, that counts.

I understand that's my husband's grandfather below, on the far right. I never met him but I also gather he lived the words above to the letter. The result is a family business that continues to flourish to this day.

What can you do to feed and nurture the qualities of persistence and determination in your life this week?


  1. Thank you for sharing this quote treasure. I've come across it before but this reminder came at a good time!
    As for feeding the qualities of persistence and determination this week, I will begin again to clean and clear in my home in the hopes it will space for something bigger and better in my life =-)

  2. I love this! Apply, apply, apply!

    There is so much magic in old photographs, isn't there?