Sunday, September 15, 2013

A new season

On Day 2 of August Moon, I wrote: We are about to enter into a gentler season i.e. Autumn/Fall if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. For me, these seasons often feel like a relief after the intensity of Summer and Winter. 

How do you intend to transition into the new season? My friend Kylie Bellard has a wonderful set of questions you can use to help you in your deliberations.

I loved Kylie's questions so much, I decided to use them exclusively to frame my response.

1. What’s your destination? (What are you aiming for this Spring?)

I want to feel like Spring on the inside. I want to slow down and sit in the sunshine more. I want to savour fresh fruit. I want to read books and bake cakes. I want to write in my journal, accompanied by a pot of tea. I want to make things of beauty. I want to listen to more music. I want to pick fresh flowers and fill vases with posies all over the house. I want to wear dresses. I want to paint my fingernails and toenails bright colours. I want to open the windows and inhale the blossoms. I want to emerge from my cocoon.

2. When are the times when you’re most likely to go off course? (These might be pitfalls you recognize from years past, pitfalls you’ve experienced this summer, or pitfalls that you think might show up soon.)

Spring pitfalls include: hayfever; unrealistic expectations; over-committing, especially during festival season; not giving myself permission to rest; unfavourable comparisons on the basis of limited information about the lives of others; laziness/habit/avoidance; people who do not share my energy or outlook dragging me down.

Pregnancy pitfalls include: eating junk food; doing too much when I have energy then crashing on the other side; hormones; ill-fitting clothes; anxiety; frustration when unwellness limits my intentions.

3. What helps keep you on course? (What things can you do, either once or on a regular basis, to keep you headed toward your destination?)

Keeping my ambitions small and manageable. Leaning on my support system. Spending a little time planning out the week, especially as far as food and shopping and cooking go. Listening to my body. Building a gentle routine. Going to bed early. Saying no to things. Saying yes to help. Giving myself permission for fun and play. Maintaining healthy boundaries between myself and others who do not experience the season in the same way.

August Moon: it's never too late to dive in!

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