Friday, September 20, 2013

Letting go

On Day Eight of August Moon, I wrote: What are three things you would like to let go of before the year is out? See if you can list three physical things and three emotional ones.

For bonus points: conduct a burning ceremony or release your secrets into nature by writing them onto leaves/stones and dropping them into the nearest river/ocean. 

Physical things:

1) The television, which seems to dominate our living room. I’m not advocating to get rid of it altogether (let alone burn it!) but I’d be so happy if we could find an alternative space for it so that it’s not the main visual focus when we sit on our couches. I want to reclaim our living room for living.

And that's probably the only one! I did a massive declutter this year. And future decluttering and rearrangement (including the television conundrum mentioned above) will require considerable work on our house, starting with the dodgy foundations. It's fair to say, this is a longer term project!

Emotional things:

1) The fear of what might happen if I gave up my day job. I have some time to start testing the waters. I am more than capable of making a sensible plan and putting some fall-back options into place. I know where I can get help with this, if I need it. 2014 will be the year of making "small bets" (more on this soon).

2) The persistent nagging feeling I have that I have to do it all. I know where it comes from and I know how useful it can be but I also know how it has the capacity to burn me out and drive my self esteem into the ground. The first trimester of this pregnancy was a powerful exercise in letting go and being satisfied with the bare minimum where my physical health left no other choice. It was hard at the time but there were tremendous gifts in it. Gifts I plan to learn from.

3) My continuing bafflement and, allow me to confess, defeatism when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen and (again: confession) body weight. Letting go of old blinkers and practicing mindfulness will require daily commitment. And I have excellent resources and support networks. This is going to be a big one in the new year.

August Moon: it's never too late to dive in.

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