Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday with Joe

When I discovered that I would need to have some photos taken, my first thought went to Joe. There is something about the way Joe sees the world that is elegant and serene but also whimsical and warm.

I was so delighted when he agreed and promptly made plans to visit him in Sydney.

As the date approached, I have to admit I was having second thoughts. I'd been feeling so unwell during the weeks preceding, and was really starting to question the wisdom of flying interstate for the day for the sake of a few photos.

"You couldn't think of anyone in Melbourne to take your photo?" My husband teased gently. "You don't like to make it easy for yourself, huh."

In truth, I have many friends in Melbourne who love to take photos and who would have done a great job. And I do know of one or two professional portrait photographers whom I could have approached. But there was something that told me that Joe was the man for the job. He knew me well enough but not too well. He really "got" my blog (in fact, he designed my gorgeous blog banner!). And he'd said yes without reservation, even thanking me for trusting him!

Despite my reservations -- did I mention I don't really like having photos taken and usually hate photos of myself? -- it was a simply gorgeous day. To my good fortune, all of the travel to and from the airport went really smoothly. It was a delicious, sunny day in Sydney. And I felt well, all day.

And we had fun! Joe was gracious and generous, putting me at ease and giving me space to be myself. I got to use all of the outfits, accessories and props that I brought and we found some lovely locations for backgrounds. We also stopped for coffee and snacks and chatted about life and our passions and mutual friends.

And the proof is in the, er, proofs! He emailed them to me the very next day and there were some truly gorgeous shots in there.

Why am I sharing any of this?

This little adventure felt like such a departure from my everyday life of late. It was something different and something I will not likely do again for a while, so I was conscious of savouring every moment. It was fun and so much easier than I'd expected. Meeting up with a kindred spirit to work on a tiny shared project was a total soul injection. And, were it not for the events of earlier this week, I reckon I'd still be riding high on the memory.

Oh, and the project the photos were for? Watch this space, my friends!

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  1. ooooooh! I can't wait to see how the photos turned out and what they'll be used can bet that I'll be waiting with baited breath!!