Thursday, September 19, 2013

Zeniths, nadirs and opportunities

On Day Six of August Moon, I wrote: The zeniths and the nadirs. Where have the highlights and low points been for you so far in 2013? Where are you now? How would you like your year to end?

Goodness, who wrote this stinking prompt? Hah! It’s been harder to answer than I’d assumed...

Maybe because I feel like I’ve documented my zeniths and nadirs so exhaustively already. Or maybe because the highs and lows feel inextricable from each other. Or perhaps because I feel such a great peace at this point in my life that rollercoaster doesn’t quite resonate for me any more.

That said, I would hate for anyone to labour under the misapprehension that my life is a zen-like breeze of frangipanis and fabulous frocks. I am certainly partial to a fabulous frock but my day-to-day life is full of the irritations, frustrations and disappointments that any human being encounters. I'm just a lot more confident in filing it under W for Whatever. I got bigger fish to fry.

How would I like my year to end? December is going to be intense. The onset of Summer. The beginning of my final trimester. Finishing up my day job before going on maternity leave. The end of the school year. #reverb13. Christmas.

I’d like to finish my year with a modicum of grace and more than a little groundedness. It’s going to be busy but I’d also like it to be a quiet celebration of an amazing year. Then I’m hoping for a very gentle start to 2014 indeed.

On the Seventh Day of August Moon, Meredith wrote: What once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity(ies) came your way so far?

The chance to attend Marianne Elliott’s book launch in New York City and meet so many writers I’ve admired for ever was a once-in-a-lifetime kinda gig... although I have the audacity to hope it'll happen again (and again) to me in this lifetime.

The opportunity to have my manuscript read by a highly-experienced and well-respected publisher of Young Adult fiction is one I will always be grateful for… and indebted to one very sweet friend for making the connection.

After 17 years of service within one organisation, including three years at an affiliate that required two years of sustained battle to have recognised retrospectively, the option to take Long Service Leave to focus on my writing was something that I'll always be proud that I did.

August Moon: it's never too late to dive in!

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