Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It somehow seems fitting that I resume my August Moon responses today, being the first day of Blogtoberfest, and that the prompt I am considering is all about priorities! I was starting to doubt whether I'd manage to blog every day for the month of October but this seems the perfect reminder that it is, indeed, all about carving out time and making it happen. So, without further ado...

On the Day Nine of August Moon, Meredith wrote: There are only four months left of 2013. Have you accomplished your goals for the year? What do you need to prioritize to end the year on a high note?

To be honest, I feel like I have achieved all that I set out to do this year. As I have written a bazillion times before (so apologies if this is getting old!) but all I really wanted to do is write a novel and get pregnant. A cinch, right?!

Hah. Anyway, by default and by design, it ended up working out well for me in the end.

But, of course, this is just the beginning.

I was privileged to receive some fantastic, constructive feedback from both a publisher and a dear friend who is also a writer so now my work is to revise my manuscript so that it is closer to being publishable.

To be honest, I have been despairing of this ever happening, given my low energy levels and day job commitments. Once the festive season arrives, followed by school holidays, quality writing time will be extremely limited. And, of course, once the baby arrives in early/mid-March, it'll be nigh on impossible.

But the universe is conspiring in my favour once again: the sudden cessation of therapy and the fact that I am starting to find my pilates/yoga classes that bit too physically challenging (so therefore won't be attending) mean that I will have a couple of hours to myself on Tuesday mornings while my little 'un goes to her creative play sessions. So now I fully intend to claim that time for my writing.

Imagine if I got all those edits done, then got some kind of indication that my manuscript was (subject to further edits) accepted for publication? It's hard to imagine a higher note than that!

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  1. I have a feeling about this book...it'll happen! Just read through your post about your last visit to the therapist...I'm amazed...you need to report that lady..am absolutely disgusted with her behaviour...how unprofessional, not to mention cruel. Me thinks she's the one who needs therapy, not you!

  2. Yes!! Claim that time! Keep going xx

  3. Yay for that conspiring universe. Enjoy the process xx