Friday, November 22, 2013

Dreaming of a calm Christmas (Part II)

So, to make the festive season a time of celebration without compromising my sanity, I am putting a series of boundaries in place. These include:

* shortening #reverb13 so that it concludes on 21 December. Three weeks is ample time for the magic to work and most people do not continue far past Christmas in any case.

* setting #reverb13 deadlines earlier than usual so that I have time to tee everything up before 1 December, freeing me up to attend to the business of community (i.e. commenting on blog posts, tweeting and retweeting, troubleshooting etc).

* gently talking myself down from the Fear Of Missing Out that tends to drive my social media habits, particularly when it comes to monitoring my twitter and instagram feeds on my phone. I think a couple of focused sessions on the computer each day should be ample for my #reverb13 responsibilities.

* doing as much of my Christmas shopping locally or online as I can, with the aim of having the majority done by 1 December... and setting aside a date in my diary for card writing and present wrapping so neither become a last minute affair.

* ditto my husband's and sister's birthday presents -- both are December babies.

* ordering my Christmas tree so that it arrives on 1 December. My littlie and I will decorate it together, helping to foster the festive spirit nice and early in our home.

* teeing up a day of pampering with my mum and sister, forming part of their Christmas presents but also giving us the chance for a decadent day out together.

* politely declining additional appointments and social activities, particularly weekend commitments. The diary is pretty much full from now until Christmas and I am hesitant to commit to more than one thing a day. My little 'un's energy levels will unlikely hold out that far and I know for certain mine won't!

* signing up for Rachel Cole's Wisdom Notes and Marianne Elliott's Zen Guide to the Holidays to inspire and fortify me through the season.

* assisting my nearest and dearest with specific present suggestions, even scheduling shopping dates where extra help/motivation might be needed. I love giving presents but I also love to receive them so receiving something impersonal or (as has happened on occasion) nothing at all, can be a bit of a downer). Also related to this is me accepting that certain people in my life prefer not to exchange gifts and honouring this for both of our sakes.

* listening to the Sufjan Stevens Christmas Albums when I'm alone in the house!

* setting a little time aside each day for something nourishing: a scribble in my journal, lighting a candle, making a green juice, reading something delicious.

What sorts of strategies do you employ to make sure your festive season remains merry and bright rather than hectic and deflating? I'd love to know.


  1. Love it! Online shopping is a biggie for me. We have also started our own family tradition of Sweet FA boxing day, meaning we say no to socialising on Boxing Day and just stay at home, the four of us. Knowing that that day is in place helps me get through the other big days.
    I bet you'll have a fantastic Christmas this year, and don't forget to take lots of photos (and have photos taken with you in them) so you can look back and show your little man 'this is the christmas you spent in my tummy!'
    Here's to a peaceful, calm Christmas, filled with love & joy.

  2. I am loving this 'dreaming of a calm christmas' series - will there be a part three or will i see the story continue to evolve?

    I made a decision to opt out of being with my sweetie and his family for the holiday this year, which I do on occasion. I plan to relax quietly after the hub-bub of moving and begin to work on my Word of The Year for 2014, with my favorite holiday movies playing to keep me company...or maybe i will give those Sufjan Stevens albums a spin for some new holiday music for my collection! Thanks for the recommendation and may your holiday be calm and peaceful!