Thursday, November 28, 2013

On coaching

On Thursday last week, I had my final appointment with Satya Robyn, my creative coach of two years.

One of the things I did in anticipation of this appointment was to make a task list, to indicate the short term and long term actions I'll be taking towards my creative goals. It was mainly operational stuff (particularly the tasks associated with getting the #reverb13 challenge off the ground) but it surprised me just how happy it made me.

Somehow, the list felt greater than the sum of its parts. It showed me how far I had come from the overwhelmed gal who signed Satya on two years ago. That girl knew she yearned to make her creative passions into more than just hobbies and had been pottering around with lots of different projects (writing, blogging, art, craft). But she didn’t feel sufficiently strong in any of them and wasn’t quite sure what she felt called to focus on.

The list I compiled to show Satya was evidence to me that my creative life is moving in a coherent and productive direction, and that all tasks support my ultimate dream of becoming a novelist and freelance non-fiction writer.

I was also heartened to see that none of the other stuff that I enjoyed doing had been lost. All those little bits and pieces of things I enjoyed has pottering about with had made their way into the list – in some form or other –  in a way that was consistent with, and supportive of, my ultimate goals.

And the bigger ticket items on the list feels achievable but with enough elasticity and compassion to withstand whatever next year brings. I also have a greater idea of the things that tend to hold me back or trip me up. And while those things weren't necessarily "fixed" (whatever that means) during the course of our coaching, Satya has left me with a renewed sense of valuing my own gifts and perspective, even when they don't resemble anyone else's. This, in turn, gives me faith that everything  is unfolding exactly as it's meant to, and that there is every reason to feel proud of what I've achieved.

My new website feels very much testimony to that.

So this feels like a nice place to end the relationship, for now. I'm so grateful for all it has given me. There are still many things I am pondering, questions I have of myself and universe.  They make me feel open, curious, excited. And I feel sure that my path and Satya's will continue to cross.

All in all, I'd highly recommend the coaching experience to anyone in need of some mentoring, support and direction. And, naturally, I'd recommend Satya in a heartbeat. She was kind, she was present, she was helpful and she wasn't afraid to challenge me on occasion. And as an experienced creative entrepreneur, I valued her insight and empathy highly.

I'm a huge fan of giving myself gifts and I think this has been one of the most valuable. I wish this for you too. And long may it continue.


  1. This is lovely. I may well do this in the new year as my work life is shifting and I want to be able to keep space for my art and creative goals and keep myself accountable x

  2. How wonderful for you, Kat! I just signed on for Reverb13 again. Looking forward, onward and upward!