Monday, November 4, 2013

Some really good stuff

I'm kinda conscious that a lot of the stuff I've written of late has been fearful, grouchy and more than a little bit dark. If only you knew the time I started a post over the past few weeks then deleted it on account of the fact that it was even more fearful, grouchy and dark!

I blame hormones.

Because truly, there's nothing really wrong in my world. And actually a whole lot to be grateful for.

So I thought I'd spend a bit of time sharing some of the things that have been making my heart sing.

Like, the sunshine! It's been such a miserable start to Spring in Melbourne and the icy gusty wind (in particular) has been driving me insane. But late last week and over the weekend were simply gorgeous. We opened the windows and doors and spent Saturday lazing in the garden. And our garden looks lush and inviting due to all the sunshine and rain. Yum.

I could read a zillion books on mindfulness and taking my time to savour what I'm doing but the honest truth is: I'm a bust-my-hump-then-spend-the-day-slobbing kinda girl. Although I was seriously knackered by the end of last week, it was worth going the extra mile to knock over a stack of chores so that I could spend an entire day in my jammies reading in the sunshine and hanging out with my family.

Halloween was tremendous fun and my daughter had a ball trick-or-treating. We didn't venture very far, though we had lots of kids in fantastic costumes come to our door, but one of the most amazing gifts was that we discovered that a lovely little girl, the exact same age as my little 'un, lives right opposite our house! I am about to slip a note in her letterbox, inviting her and her mama and her sweet baby brother over for a play date some time.

We also had a very fun family Halloween party the next day. My little 'un decorated the dinner table with Halloween confetti and colourful treats, and had a hysterical time kicking around black and orange balloons and demolishing a pumpkin piñata (which you can see my Dad modelling, above!). I made lasagne, my husband made couscous fritters, my mum brought a salad and my sister made cupcakes. And out little 'un shared her treats with everyone. Memories are made of this.

We also had a gorgeous time at my sister's annual Halloween concert special yesterday. She's one very talented clarinetist and she did a brilliant job of bringing Prokofiev's cat to life in Peter and the Wolf. The orchestra went out of their way to make it an exciting day for children attending, with costumes and make-up, prizes and gift backs and an incredible themed afternoon tea. Great stuff!

At present, my little 'un is enjoying a sleep-over at my Mum and Dad's. My husband and I are making the most of this time alone by relaxing in each other's company (and sleeping in!). Last night, we took advantage of [what we hope will be] the last cold night in Melbourne for a while and lit our open fire. We stretched out on our couches, listened to Duke Ellington and chatted the night away. The only thing missing was a bottle of prosecco and a plate of antipasti but I am sacrificing them for a good cause... and will doubtless make up for lost time next year!

Did I mention how proud I am of my husband? Tonight, he is going to venture out to a nearby field to play baseball for a local team. They pride themselves on being "middle aged, overweight baseball tragics" and are relaxed and sociable but reasonably competitive. My man is not as outgoing as me and it takes some guts to put yourself out there and do something that you haven't done in a very long time with a group of people you don't know. I'm going to take my crochet and cheer for him from the batting cage. Not exactly glamorous but the thought is there!

For the first time in a while, I am also feeling like I have a lot to look forward to. Of course, this is never far from the truth but you know what I mean when I say it doesn't always feel that way.  Crazy pregnancy hormones have not helped.

But among the things I am really excited about are the knowledge that I will be prioritising self care and setting some firm boundaries during the hectic holiday season, supported by Rachel Cole's Wisdom Notes and Marianne Elliott's Zen Guide to the Holidays. More on this soon!

Speaking of holidays, I have just ordered my Christmas tree! If you live in metro Melbourne, then do take a look at what Eco Christmas Trees have to offer. This will be my third year of using Anna's services and I recommend them highly. Just clicking on the Order Now button makes me feel a bit festive!

I have also planned out a special day of pampering with my mum and sister, treating them to a deluxe manicure and pedicure, followed by high tea at the Windsor hotel in early December. It's going to be a while before we can do this sort of thing again -- seeing as there are two babies arriving early in the new year -- and I am keen to add this to our bank of special memories. This year more than ever, it's about giving experiences rather than stuff. We all have so much stuff.

And I'm sure that there's a raft more stuff that is making my soul come alive on a daily basis but it's time to log off the computer and dive back into my gorgeous messy analogue life.

What's been rocking your world lately? I'd love to know!


  1. So many good things!! Hope you're enjoying your night off :D
    Definitely going to look into those Eco trees too! They look awesome!

  2. I love this post! Filled to the brim with possibilities, potential and juicy excitement! Will we see a peek at the day of high tea?? I LOVE going to tea rooms =-)

  3. Had to giggle at the "middle aged, overweight baseball tragics" thing. :) Hope fun was had by all, and your man in particular. :)

    In some ways, I have come to appreciate the grouchy/fearful stuff even more than the happy stuff. It takes much more courage and strength to share what's dark, scary and hard - and to write about it in a way which enables healing and self-discovery. It also reveals just how human we are... and that a variety of experiences of the hurtful/difficult/embarrassing/etc kind are common to us all.

    That said, I do love your list. Wonderful that you're making (and taking) the time for relaxation, pampering and self-care before a new chapter begins for you and your family.

    Greetings from under Khmer skies! :)