Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A quiet heart

It's been a high octane day of decluttering around here. In particular, I've been clearing out my studio in anticipation of some focused artmaking and writing over the coming weeks. Art supplies have been arranged into boxes that are easily accessible, bookshelves have been straightened, papers have been filed, even my altar on the mantlepiece got a spruce up and dusting.

Today was the day that I opened sealed letters I'd kept for myself from new years eves past. Today was the day I finished projects that had been hanging around half-finished all year. Today was the day I looked over lists of past wishes and dreams. Today was the day I lovingly reviewed old art projects, hung up prints, reacquainted myself with various creative supplies, let things go that no longer spoke to me.

This clearing feels like a powerful way of opening up to all the possibilities the new year will hold.

So when I sat and listened to my heart and asked it what it truly needed in this moment, I was surprised to hear the words loud and clear: I need peace. I need stillness. I need quiet.

Usually it's my fragmented, crazy mind that craves peace. Usually it's my depleted, overtaxed body that begs for stillness. My heart is usually the one to demand brightly coloured paints, flowers in my hair and dancing in the rain.

So this is a little different.

But this I know: my heart is not weary. It just needs space.

To listen.

I wonder what will come next?

I am responding here to the third prompt from #reverb13. You are warmly invited to share your own response below, if you did not have the opportunity to do so in December. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. x

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