Thursday, January 2, 2014

Everyday Extraordinary: a guest post from Kandice Cole

Today's words and image come courtesy of Kandice Cole, who blogs at Vulnerability is Sexy. Kandice and I first crossed paths during #reverb12, and it has been a real treat to witness her tenacity in bringing so many of her creative dreams to fruition over the past twelves months.

On 8 January, Kandice is launching her latest eguide Everyday Experiences, Extraordinary Lessons. I've read it and it is lovely! I honestly think that readers will appreciate its gentle pace and tone, and gain a lot from the journalling prompts.

Kandice was keen to share the following food for thought with us today:

I woke up one morning to the sound of my neighbor singing. I listened as he did his routine warm up of vocal runs up and down a scale of notes. Even muffled by the wall it sounded rich, full, and vibrant. I laid in bed for a few minutes and let myself simply enjoy this gift rather than rush to get out of bed as I usually do on Mondays. 

Life is full of moments like this but sometimes we don’t stop to notice. It’s easy to ignore these subtle moments when it feels like the world is whisking around us at one hundred miles per hour as we fight to keep up. I know that feeling well, but I also know the feeling of sweet relief when I take a few seconds or few minutes to take in whatever is around me at the moment. 

The most extraordinary things are happening underneath our noses but they may not be wrapped in a flashy package. It may not be some mind boggling experience or a huge aha moment. What I’m learning is that a lot of my extraordinary and beautiful experiences have been the most simple and 
sometimes really subtle. 

Let’s deepen into our experiences rather than trying to move past them so fast. Let’s take a second and notice the beauty that is in front of us and the gifts we are constantly receiving whether it be moment of silence at work or a neighbor singing scales. 

May we began to fully embrace that everyday extraordinary present in our lives. 

Thank you, Kandice. I couldn't agree more.


  1. This 'living in the moment', truly fully immersed in it, is what my focus is these days. Thank you Kandice for your uplifting thoughts.

  2. Thanks for reading Chrisy! Love the image of being fully immersed :-)

  3. What a beautiful reminder, Kandice, that the music is, indeed, all around us if we slow down and listen!