Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sundays are for savouring

This week, I am grateful for:

1. The dahlias my daughter brought me back from a day with the in-laws. They lasted such a long time and the colour never failed to cheer.

2. Finally, finally feeling better! The course of antibiotics worked speedily and effectively and I am loving the return of energy and motivation. At the same time, I am offering up a prayer for my beloved sister who is due to have her first baby next week and is currently suffering with the same chest infection, only worse. What I wouldn't give for her to recover fully before her baby arrives...

3. Visual Quest: a breathtakingly beautiful shamanic painting e-course by Pixie Campbell. I enrolled in this late last year, knowing that I was not in a position to participate at the time but that I'd have access to the classroom until March this year. I am catching up now and am feeling so very inspired and illuminated. Can't wait to get messy with paint and see what materialises on my canvas.

4. Following the major detox of my studio last week, I also stocked up on art supplies during the week. One of my favourite arty and crafty shops had a 50 per cent off sale on my favourite canvases. My lovely husband (who was home for the week) obligingly acted as sherpa so that I could really stock up, including carting them home on public transport! I sweetened the deal with lunch at one of our favourite local haunts... which also afforded the opportunity to duck in to a gorgeous local quality art store and stock up on my favourite paints. So now I really am all set to play!

5. This may have been open for a while and it feels a little superficial to be grateful for a shop, of all things, but I noticed quite a few tweets about the School of Life's online shop today, where I wasn't aware of its existence before. I have to say: I love shops like this. A small number of carefully curated quality products, made with love, that would make great presents for smart busy people. They also reminded me of a really wonderful day I spent at the School of life Melbourne outpost early last year.

6. Booking my daughter's fifth birthday party! For the first time, my daughter requested a party with her kindergarten and school friends. Her birthday is a week before her little brother is due and I have to confess I was starting to panic at finding something suitable. I needed to book something that would be appropriate for her age and tastes, convenient for everyone to get to, as little hassle as possible for me and not exorbitant! A bit of searching and enquiring and I found a lovely venue and theme that she is very excited about indeed.

7. A couple of days of quality time with my husband while our daughter enjoyed a sleepover at my parents' house. It's so rare that we have time to ourselves to be together during the day and our little 'un absolutely loves spending time with her grandparents. So it was a win-win and one we feel hugely grateful for. We slept in, went out for brunch, pottered about and did very little. Bliss.

8. Melbourne weather! It's a rare thing for anyone in Melbourne to be grateful for the weather but, for once, I am so happy that Summer has not been very hot. Yet. This week is set to be a scorcher, with temperatures hovering around the 40 degree mark every day (that's Celcius which equals around 104 Fahrenheit for my North American friends). I guess this'll be our opportunity to really put our evaporative cooling to the test. It's going to be a week of hibernation, that's for sure!

9. Responding to a Reverb13 prompt each night. It's been so lovely to be able to work through at my own pace and, I have to say, I am really enjoying just sitting down at the computer with a prompt there and waiting for me to respond to. I had underestimated (or forgotten) just how creatively freeing it can feel to have those What on earth am I going to write about? and Where do I start? blocks removed.

10. Having a lot of fun filling my Tranquility du Jour Daybook with things that make my heart sing. And I never thought I'd say that about To Do lists!! I spent the first few pages collaging images in homage to my Goddess of the Year reading, which felt like a really nice way to set an intention for the way I approach the minutiae of my days. After all, it's all these tiny moments and actions that add up to a year and a life, right?

I plan to use this Daybook to keep track of all the things I intend to do but also as a loving repository of the little bits and bobs that catch my eye in magazines, newspapers, online etc. I love the way these tiny snippets add up over a period of time such that themes and ideas start to emerge. The Daybook, and its accompanying guidebook, also have lots of inspiring suggestions for filling our wells with all things creative, spiritual and nourishing.

What are you grateful for this week?

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