Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sundays are for savouring

This week, I have been grateful for...

1. Respite from the heat! The cool change finally came through on Friday evening after a week of 40+ Celsius. Apart from feeling frazzled, it was a bit of an anxious time as bushfires raged throughout the state. A grass fire a mere mile from my parents' house would have required them to evacuate, had the wind changed direction. Thankfully it was contained in time. My heart goes out to those who lost their properties and I can only give thanks there were no fatalities this time around.

2. My husband and daughter. Of course, I am grateful for them all the time. But this week, my daughter has been delighting me with her independent play, including constant chatter with her community of dinosaurs. My husband has also been brilliant, especially when we had an ant situation in the kitchen in the midst of the hot spell. I think I would have had a total meltdown, had I been the one to discover and deal with it.

3. Flow Magazine. I clipped out an advertisement for this gorgeous publication from a magazine when we were on holiday in the USA all those months ago. I then filed it and forgot about it, and only discovered it again in last week's declutter. My two back issues arrived last week and they are absolutely sublime: beautifully rendered, thoughtfully written and the perfect way to relax on a sweltering day.

4. My sister has thankfully recovered from her nasty bronchial infection. She survived the heatwave and her baby is due any minute now. I am so glad she is getting the chance to rest before the baby's arrival. And I so cannot wait to meet my niece!

5. A lovely, rejuvenating Saturday. A visit to my Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. A stroll down to the Rose Street Artists Market, including meeting this very talented artisan and purchasing a couple of her wonderful wares. Finding this deliciously zingy candle, on sale no less.

6. This marvellous comic from Summer Pierre. I could totally relate. In fact, it's pretty much all I can think when I read about various creative programs or lists of people's achievements. I don't regret having children -- not for a second -- but I know that "mother feeling" that Summer describes, and how it can take the wind right out of my sails.

7. This amazing article about a man and his hat. So simply written but with such complexity and depth. I know from experience that choice of clothing can be an act of courage and liberation. But the politics of this man's choice is truly humbling.

8. My daughter's first swimming lessons. This was her first time learning to swim as I'd never had any success with the local leisure centre's booking system (which largely involved listening to an engaged signal over the phone, every two minutes for six hours!). She was so very brave and concentrated so hard and learnt so very much. So proud of my beautiful girl. Fingers crossed we can continue into regular classes once school term starts.

9. Bumping in to so many friends at the swimming pool each day. My little 'un was enrolled in an intensive program for half an hour each day. Every day we saw at least six of her kindergarten friends and their parents, and we have also bumped in to two of the other children that were in her class since the program ended. I love the feeling that comes from living in a community.

10. Noticing the various things that are triggering me this week. I'm not exactly grateful for the triggers or my (over)sensitivity to them, but it's refreshing to just notice them and see them for what they are, without judgement either way. Just the usual stuff: not doing enough, not having enough, not being enough. Especially when it comes to being a parent, a partner and a friend but also in my plans for my creative life. I see it coming out in mindless eating, the impulse to acquire stuff, feeling discouraged and pessimistic.  These too shall pass.

10. + 1 Am I the last person to discover USA Foods? I am so putting in an order, as soon as they replenish their stocks of a few items. I miss American snacks!!

What are you grateful for this week?

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